Things in the boat house are coming together and bright shiny things are about to be bolted back on.


In the Boathouse

When this phase is complete the rig will be towed to Big O Tires and we will have the tires checked and the wheel bearings. If as I suspect the tires are toast then I’ll go for the Redneck changing procedure and as every wheel has the rubber removed I’ll be spray painting the wheels in their parking lot prior to them being replaced.

Meanwhile the “stainless” bolts are costing a fortune and no matter how many I buy I always need more as everything comes together. Today some shiny bits back on, artifacts up, and the hole covers cut and replaced ……. much drilling and resizing for those bolts and another run to ACE scheduled for tomorrow.


Covers for these holes(4) cut, and fitted



Tidy job

Stainless bolts, extra washers and nuts all collected along with some new drill bits and the forward trailer chain couplers. More bits go on but I’m still missing  more bolts as she wants to cover all the other holes where various things were once bolted or badly screwed on.

Friday turns out to be a great day, and after another visit to ACE I’m armed with enough bits and bobs to hopefully complete my end of the operation.

Up front (the bow end, I’m told) some extra long bolts required where there are some double seams in the top of the hull and somebody mounted units using wood screws straight into fiberglass rather than THINK where the hole would be! On goes the repaired light, and a cover plate for an ill positioned bimini hood.


Light  and fish finder back on

Down the arse end, (stern) 4 round plastic covers set  where cables and controls run through and 12 vacant holes blocked off with stainless bolts and fender washers. These I was able to do by myself as my arms were long enough to operate screwdriver and wrench at the same time.


Holes blanked off


Grab handles on

Most of the others are a team effort with Brenda upside down somewhere in the hull screaming for help and cursing more broken nails! …… more of this come Saturday.


Finger nail breaker

Last mission of the day was to fit the 2 NEW security chains and this went together well and without any problems.



Trailer finished

Here we are again at the weekend after another pleasant evening down at the Brewery. I enjoy my Friday nights with a few beers and pizza after an evening ride on the bicycle. Usually the wind has dropped by the time I go out and yesterday was no exception and with the evening mileage added to the morning run I clocked up 27.23 on the odometer. Still can’t find a way out of this town!!!

So today, more boat screws to go in, (team effort required) then gardening for me with dead heading of roses, and weeding that center bed!….. She will continue with gauges various and complete the refit of the dash panel.


More broken nails

Early session with 12 more holes masked off down the port and starboard sides, then 5 across the front where the windshield originally was. One unknown by the light and 3 more down the side for the wiring looms.


Wiring clamps in place

Work switches to the gauges and while I’m prizing out units and changing covers Brenda refills the compass and it actually seems to work!


Changing cases


……. and here is one I made earlier

Some weeding gets done but its hard work, although I did find one of my bushes has given birth to an offspring so this will join its siblings from previous years who are all doing well after transplanting, of course there may be more hidden in the mass of weeds.

Meanwhile in the Boathouse the “dash” is coming on well




Super Job !!

Around the garden in other beds the Rode-what not is doing well and continues to defy me by putting out new leaves and actually growing!

The Clematis are going well in the whisky barrels and the roses are producing a great show. Lilies and pinks are coming out and will be good if the bloody gardener gets his act together.


Sunday, Brenda finishes up and adds the last few items to see how it all looks together.


The Coleman’s are in


Flags are up

Last task what can you do with a broken, unobtainable plastic logo?


It gets painted and I make the arrow head from a washer ….. will be fitted soon.

Monday 6/27 the boat goes in to Reliable Marine








  1. What to do with a unobtainable plastic logo?
    Find someone with a 3D printer to print you one.
    It is really easy if they have a 3D scanner.
    Someone who knows what they are doing could have you one in a day, no kidding.

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