General Site Map with some of last year’s sections

While argument still rages between a potential Trustee and the Trial’s Coordinator I will search the
dim recesses of my mind and dream up 24 sections that can be brought  into play for what could
potentially be a great weekend of trials riding at AZ Cycle Park in Buckeye Arizona.

I have to say that if were in Ed’s position I would eventually tell some people the facts of life if they
want the job then fine, but unless you have something useful to contribute, stop whining and let the
rest of us get on with it and have some fun. We are still hearing that it SHOULD only be a 1 Day with
only EIGHT sections, and we won’t get checkers etc, etc. Well I have been at SEVERAL Ahrma events
where buddy checking has been used, Diamond Don’s, Cotopaxi and Bob Ginder’s 2 Day in TN
stand out in the memory and while I would personally prefer checkers at every section if we can’t
find them then buddy checking will be the order of the day, and yes if a few people personally want
those 20 points for checking at the season opener then that too can be arranged.

The dreaming is done and I already have 24 potential sections in my mind’s eye without having to
spend a day wandering the boondocks trying to find something. Of course winter rains, mudslides,
and changing AZ washes may have created some good new ones so there will still be a bit of wait
and see.

Taking last year as a yardstick we will leave the start heading West and have 1&2 in the same
position as last year with some alterations and some different challenges.

1 & 2 with some variations for this year

3, will be a long blast in the egg timer sand and depending on traction and depth, some variations here
to take a few balance marks from plowing front wheels.

3 will be in here!

Across the booney to the “rocks by the fence” tackling this from some different angles, but we need
to use those rocks! Well that was 4 so drop back in to one of last year’s favorites the “Grand Canyon”
and I’m sure this will have eroded nicely so plenty of scope in here.

Probably coming the other way this year,  Section 4

Section 5, The Grand Canyon

6 & 7,  will be close at hand with some good adverses and banks and these will be NEW this year but
looked to have good scope when I used them at the Trials School.  (NEW)

8, may well be some variations up and around that giant Ironwood with the perfect root cluster.

The Ironwood at Section 8

9 & 10, will be a double up in the first set of ditches above the motor cross track and then a gentle ride
down to the end of the property with a gate control along the bank where Section 11 (The Graded Hill)
will finish.

A double here “The Ditches” of 9 & 10

11, will be the Graded Hill but as you all found this SO EASY last year there may be a “Sting in the Tail!”

“The Graded Hill” of section 11

12, looks like being down in the SE corner again will some variations up the side of the cliff.

Somewhere up here for Section 12

So there is the “Quickie” look at Day 1 with 3 loops and hoping to get about 15 points off the Class

Day 2, we will reverse the direction and start just below the motorcross sign in building with a
pleasant excursion through a “mud hole” for section 1. (NEW) [ No 14 on the map]

Staying away from the MX track we will go across to the NE corner for 2  where I see a Double Up the
hill section with a single downhill with turn gates going 4-1 in height up the hill for the first climb then
same again to your respective exits. (NEW)

3, will be a variation on last year’s section 11

4 & 5 will be a double section in the ditches but further  along and completely different from
Day 1 (NEW)

4 & 5 further along in the ditches

6, could be another go at the Graded Hill from a radically new start point and different finish. (NEW)

I’m seeing some new lines up here!

7, the fallen tree that was used last year that you all found cheater lines on! …. but this year there will
be some changes for the longer framed machines.

I’ll try and keep you “in the section” this year, No 7

8, I rather fancy “same line for everybody” section in the good old deep sand.

Tricky stuff…… Section 8

9, and back on the North side along another fence line there were some large blocks and banks that
I saw last year after we had finished laying out so maybe something good here. (NEW)

10, in the same area there was a nice gentle “through the sand into an uphill turn through some trees”,
good throttle control section. (NEW)

11 & 12, coming back to the start will be a double using yesterday’s 1 & 2 area in the rubbish pit.

11 & 12 in the wood piles and tumbleweed



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  • 1/22/2009 3:55 PM Dan Straka wrote:
    We’re looking forward to 2 days of warm climate and trials fun. Thanks for keeping everyone up to date. Dan, one of the Wyoming Three Amigos.
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  • 1/25/2009 10:39 AM Fred Martinson wrote:
    Hi Tony, sometimes a couple of splits
    moved from one day to the next, totally
    change a section, or if its a good interesting section, ride it both days.
    Its always fun when the riders get done riding a section on Saturday and say, their glad they don’t have to ride that section again, it’s nice and sporting to give them the chance to improve their score in the section the next day. If they are complaining about a section, its nice to have more chances to practice it, practice makes perfect, right!!
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