When we last left the waterfall project the ground had been prepared, many more loads of rocks had
been collected, and the final mental picture had been drawn. Now its time to see if I can build what I
had envisaged without ending up with a hernia!

Where we left off……

First stage is to build the splash trap as a lot of the water tumbling over natural rocks won’t go exactly
where I want it and if I don’t re-route it back to the source then I’m in a total loss situation and will have
built myself a swamp.

Splash trap designed and graded

With the ground suitably graded time to get the old butyll liner in and test the system. Well it seems to
work but now I need some channels for the water to flow on its return journey and this is achieved
using a load of the red brick she hates. Now that this looks like it will work I need to extend the area a
couple of feet at the back to get the slope right for the upper falls…… more sod removal …… SOD IT !

In with the liner, and a “test” firing

The operation gets bigger!

Now the heavy engineering begins rolling and lifting the mega rocks that will form the side retaining
walls where the red brick once was. At this stage a couple of the cottonwood tree “bite sized chunks”
are used in the front bed to support the side walls of the lower pond and also give me a couple of
level platforms to work with. Now time to use the red paving slabs to form a couple of pillars in the
lower pool which will support the final falls. With those in place some of the selected pretty rocks can
be positioned and topped out with river rock of all sizes. That’s the fun part and you can see your idea
coming to life.

Pillars and the cottonwood stumps in place

2 X ‘king heavy rocks on the pillars

Edge masking underway along with mega rocks and pebbles

The post lady is now giving me a hard time about the rocks in the drive as she can’t get to the mail
box so much rock moving is required to keep her sweet and ensure the mail gets through!

US Postal not impressed !!

Next phase is the “jigsaw” portion laying out all the small pieces and trying to form a natural edge
over the sides of the black pools. When this portion of the plan comes together you actually feel you
are making some progress. Yet more river rock required so wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow load is
acquired, emptied on the drive, washed, and redistributed to finish off the theme.

Edge work complete

The Frogs and Noah pay a visit

“This will be worth watching….. he’s quite mad you know”

Time for a little “whimsy”  and frogs, Noah, and some fish join the project. Final tasks before more
mega rocks arrive are to form the collesium pillars that will support those big rocks and give the
project height. More big “bite sized”  chunks of cottonwood are hauled over and the last of the paving
slabs are used as the dry under supports.

Supports for the big rocks in place


Time frame wise, I have 2 days left to complete this as she wants it finished for Saturday and our
annual party. I think I’m on time and so far the cost has been zero but a whole load of sweat equity
has been invested.

Getting closer


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