Winter in Dolores

Looks like I caught a nasty case of the dreaded Cabin Fever ! Sat here on a Sunday waiting for the Superbowl and nothing to do! Thousands of things I would like to do but as usual I’m in the clutches
of all the common restraints and symptoms of the disease. Not enough money to buy some goodies,
as yet, cold wet and miserable outside with melting snow and ice, and as always trying to get answers
on all manner of things via the wretched email.

Too cold to get on with any “bike fun”, could do some pre season polishing on various items, waiting
for the Maestro to improve the Cub and then the rebuild, new Rockshocks etc. Superglitz is READY for
some action, as is the Oilfield which I want to sell.

Couple of my nice guns down in Phoenix which again I hope will sell or I’ll be collecting them and
trying myself.

I want to catch up with Casey, define some of his boundaries, and get out there section finding….. but
with 18″ of snow everywhere that isn’t going to happen for a few weeks unless there is a sudden
change in the weather, which up here can easily go the other way and we have only just crept into Feb
so another 8 weeks of snow to get through…….. and another dose coming on Friday.

Spring in Dolores

Monday morning and strangely a day off ? No school today for some reason, so after wood chopping
maybe a quick venture into the workshop having had a quick look at the gazebo which has taken a
bit hit from falling snow and ice….. I think this time its goodbye gazebo!

A clinical “Drone attack” from snow and ice !

Toast this time

Apathy is gaining momentum, a bout of depression is on the horizon, and I’m feeling pretty miserable
but I don’t know about what. This may be a good time to follow the Doctor’s orders and “Drink Heavily”
…… need to break this circle QUICKLY !!!

Time to redo a number plate which I had done in hammerite black ? Not the brightest thing to do on
reflection as it now has little dimples and will make sticking numbers on somewhat problematic. Out
with the super remover and rethink the operation.

Temps have been on the rise and the Cortez area looks like its nearly back to normal as the snow
melts. Up here in Dolores some 650′ higher we are melting but we have a long way to go as we get
substantially more snow. Forecast is 80% snow for the weekend with another 3-5″ Friday night but
just maybe we will get lucky and it will go to the North.

The lull before the storm!! overnight did not even make freezing, getting cold now, winds increasing,
forecast SNOW for the next 4 days….. upwards of a foot they say…….. we will see, I hope not, I want to
get on with things, get out there, and do SOMETHING !!

Saturday morning with a couple of inches overnight

Saturday morning and its snowing hard

Saturday 9 Feb, their predictions were right with a couple of inches overnight and now its supposed
to snow all the way through Monday. We could end up with about 18 inches if they are correct. With
melt and more snow as we move into Saturday night 6″ already on the ground, forecast for another
5″ overnight.

Saturday evening another plow sets off up the montain

Sunday morning and still snowing and looking mighty unpleasant outside with a crisp wind. The
plows have been hard at it all night but the roads are now snow packed and looking at the ever
changing forecast the numbers have increased and we still have another 22″ to come!! The joys of
living in the mountains……. but I still have plenty of WOOD to burn. Will we have a “Snow Day” on
Monday ? …… of course not! In Colorado the manned School Bus will always get through… wimpy
states like New Mexico maybe, but not Colorado….. we will blunder round in our vintage buses and
see if any children are waiting by the road.

Plenty of this

Not too much of this ….. I hope!

No driving today so time to get the fire underway, sit back and watch the rugby sevens from Las
Vegas. New member Casey will be coming round later with his equipment to plow us out again
before the next couple of feet arrive. The plowing is now done……… and before nightfall another 4″
on the ground and still snowing.

Sunday evening and getting worse

About 15″ in the shade garden

 Overall I think we got about 18″ and 10″ in Cortez which is most unusual. Only 2 months to our first
Trial so I hope this lot melts soon so that I can get a bike out. Just as an aside the temp was a big fat
ZERO F this morning or -18C in other money.

Happy Motoring !!


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  • 2/13/2013 8:24 AM Bob Midmer wrote:
    Keep going Tony I do like to here ans see what’s going on over in your world.
    The cub looks good.
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