Saturday Section 1 “See Forever” all carded up and ready to go

Into the last few days and perhaps the best part of the Trialsmaster’s duties. With sections all taped, route marking in place, the last task of putting in the split cards and determining how hard or easy the section will be. In some cases 6″ one way or the other can produce very different results and scores. Well this year we are going down the slightly easier option as the sections are new, unridden, and have enough hazards with loose dirt and rolling rocks without calling for ridiculous tight turns and impossible steps.

There are a “few” to separate the men from the boys and it will be interesting to review 3rd loop scores when the sections bed in.

Once again 2 FULL months of my life have been expended on these hillsides and canyons for your pleasure. A lot of skin and blood has been lost in the making of this epic, and nearly an eye, and even more beer has been consumed in the rehydration and thinking phase. Bloody hard work but a lot of fun ……. and in theory as I cut and widen more and more trails it opens up extra terrain for the future.

Time to tape up the last 8 and get on top of the game. Generally successful weekend with 12 of the 15 Saturday sections taped up and ready for carding this week. Time to revamp those start boards and get all my boxes of vampire stakes out for the splits, although Sunday already has a no split section and of course the graded hill which is already complete.

The local paper reporter came and went and the article was published last Thursday…….. and despite sending some photos of last year’s event the paper reproduced yet another picture of Pete Slothower from last year’s copy. Hopefully we will get the Cortez paper to run it this week with our other desired pics.

Also on the media front Durango wants to do a TV bit for their local news on Thursday and wants some riders ????  Difficult to get a producer to understand that the event is not until Sat/Sun and we don’t allow practicing on the course ….. but I suppose I can get Kirtis to ride a few “in” as its the only event of the year that he rides.

Dismal day with rain this morning and 60% rain forecast. Doesn’t happen but it could at any moment. Press on with name boards and by close of play all 27 boards are done and ready to grace the hillsides tomorrow and Wednesday.



Saturday name boards ready to load up



……. and Sunday’s too

A real boomer at 1 a.m. and torrential rain for a short while but its blue skies again and drying up nicely. Forecast for the rest of the week looks good at the moment. Today and tomorrow are full action days for me with the split cards and boards, but no lopping of branches, felling of trees,  or clipping of bushes. …….. and of course I still need to get the Cub back together. Superglitz is looking like getting another outing despite my wishes to ride Triumph’s finest.

All loaded up and the first 3 river sections get all the cards done! Well only 24 left to go….. lets see what the afternoon brings, it could rain again,  but I don’t want all those cards ruined. Need to get this ALL finished by 1400 Thursday as the TV people are coming for interviews and some filming.


Loaded and ready for the off

Over to LCC and Spuds 1 & 2 completed and then into the Creek for sections 1 & 2 and the Croc’s Back. Casey has been cleaning up his land and some areas are looking demi presentable compared to last year. I have an up close and personal look at the terrain humping  too much stuff up the hill at Casey’s Caboose and I might have to rethink a split card for the 3 line. Today the entry wire is down so I can drive down to Bottle House and have easy access to Tin Can Alley and the Grassy Knoll. Time has moved on and its o’beer thirty once more and gone 6 p.m. Well 9 done this afternoon so 12 for the day and 15 left to complete by my deadline of Thursday 1400.

Overall the one man band is doing pretty well but the hard work of carrying all the stuff into the cliffs will test my endurance and energy. I’m thinking 2 sessions with 5 in the morning then 4 more for the afternoon and then quickly back to LCC for Barney’s, Musketeers and Poke in the Eye. If the plan comes together then the last 3 Saturday sections under the bridge for Thursday morning.

A HOT day ! but work continued humping buckets of stakes and boards into the cliff sections and all 8 of the far away places are now done. It was 1730 when I finally walked out of the jungle.

Most annoying thing was that after loop marking Merrit Way on Sunday with red/yellow two way tape some well meaning person has removed every last piece of it for me!!!

Today back up to Cat Face and then finish the last three at LCC which is Barney’s, Musketeers and Poke in the Eye. With those done it will be time to smarten up the act and get Superglitz on the rack in case these TV people want to see a demo from the birthday boy….. its that time again as the old get older and 68 goes in the book.




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