Saturday morning at the beautiful start setting. My Safari is in its normal position mid picture stage left

The two phases of the annual Mosteller Cup mean us geriatrics ride Saturday afternoon and then again Sunday morning so we can have a bit of a lie in after the 580 mile drive and then a gentle practice before doing battle.

First up at sign in, secretary John, says  he has been reading the blog and has a NEW president in waiting …………….. so with a traditional handshake John Clement takes over as your President.

The Cub is brought out started and begins a mini leak from the stripped rocker nuts! Only to be expected but not desirable. A few miles running in and I notice the rubber oil line is slipping off the rocker banjo….. great, that’s all I need !

Frantic spannering ensues and its getting all too difficult and the tank has to be lifted, and after much thought the only way I can get this to be secure is to remove the assembly ….. and those stripped nuts, and then use a very tight cable tie or I risk losing ALL the oil overboard and maybe seize the motor.

Put it back together and hope the nuts will just get a hold on the shafts. Seems to be holding so don’t push it… and keep an eye on leaks.

Most people have started at Section 1 so I elect to go round the loop to 2 which is along the creek. Very tame little section, over a bump, through some water and mud and up and over a log to the exit.

At 3 the hardest thing is finding the line amid all the marker split cards. As far as I can see its up and round a rock and back down to the exit right beside the start cards. Have a word with the checker and see if I’m on the right page. Another clean is punched but I’m told quite a few riders came back out the start gate and collected a 5 !

Section 4 has an off camber descent and ride below a big rock and then requires a gentle increase in power for a simple uphill S and on to the exit. No problems for the Cub with nice pick up from the new jets.

5 is right above the start and a favorite section for all lines which ever way it is ridden! Today my line is either left or right of the huge rock to take you to the middle plateau. From here a weave to get above a rock pile and then run out to the checker. I take the left option and it works fine for me.

The loop now takes us down to the creek and a fairly open section with many choices of lines, and the one I chose worked well.

Section 7 is an old well proven piece of real estate but for my line I search the acreage without finding a single split card ? Ok, I give up and ask the checker  “It’s open” he says “any way you like from start to ends”. I elect a 45 opener to the right and cross the creek to the central rock ridge which takes me to a small mud hole and then up the grass bank to the top path for a turn to the exit. Good clean which I enjoyed.

With plenty of ribbon everywhere I end up taking on sections out of sequence but clean 8-10 in good form. That just leaves 1 and 11 at Lego Land.

1 is interesting with multiple lines off the top bank above the creek then descending to the water for a loose rock right hander and a squirt up the bank. What looked like a nice firm rock rolls just as I start the last turn pushing me wide and the dab is taken to get back on line ….. no clean card today!

Say what you like about Lego Land but over the years I’ve lost marks here nearly every time. Today has me inside a fallen tree and then running around the blue tape crossing a log before what looked like a simple turn over another log embedded in the concrete maze. Not a good line up and the front bounces and the second dab of the day.

Total for the 1st loop of 2 which with more thought should have been a zero but that’s trials. Quick splash and dash and off on loop 2 in sequence this time.

Coming inside the roller on 1 the section rides smoothly for the clean and no problems all the way round until 7 where a bit too much power up the bank puts me in an awkward spot in loose dirt and I pay the price with another tippee toe to escape. Cleans all the way back to Lego Land. Same line same result!! So that’s 4 for the 2 loops.

No more mistakes on 1 and clean again at the tricky 7 and continue clean back to Lego Land for the last time. Good crowd but time to rewalk and rethink. Need to go deeper into that turn and square cut it back to the log. It works and the elusive clean is achieved as well as the clean loop.  Total of 4 for the day with the next best on the same line back on 16.

So how was today?  Frustrating,  not having an A1 bike with oil leaks and stripped nuts, but my shoulder didn’t give me any problems so overall a pleasant return to riding even if the sections were a lot easier than I’m used to. I’ll be back on the Expert line next year but for right now this is good enough.











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