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Vintage is on early this morning so up and at ’em and check all the leaking parts and see if I can nurse it round another day. This is not the way I usually ride trials but I’m up against it this year.

Same format as yesterday, 11 sections, 3 loops and I bypass the crowds at 1 and move on to 2. Cross the river, up the muddy bank then select a line to drop back in the river for the exit. Clean No1 punched and off on the pleasant trail to 3.

Simple enough entry into left right uphill sequence around a nasty gnarly rock and then right turn to a path for a downhill run to the exit. I notice the 2 line looks pretty tough on this one.

Close at hand is 4 where we start from the path but then there is some confusion as to where the line goes. Knowledgeable checker says how he wants the section ridden so comply with his instructions and take a uphill burst over the rough and rocks to the blue tape. Stay close to the blue and start descending over the rock with the arse backwards split card. Down to the rock jiggle and back on the path to the exit.

Section 5 is above the start complex and is a simple uphill S affair and I can’t see many mistakes being made here.

6 is equally simple with a splash in the river and back down the sand bar to another water crossing to the finish.

7 if I have my numbers right, was a big U turn with a ducking move to get under a low branch before the exit.

Section 8 however had a bit more meat in it and was getting slippy from last night’s rain. Straight up by the blue into a left right with a root step in the right, flick back left for a 120 uphill right to the top bank and trundle down to the exit. Back wheel skips on the root with a touch too much power and a dab goes out the window as I fight to get back on line.

Section 9 looks very easy but I turn too quickly and clout my shoulder on a tree while lining up for the exit path which knocks me off the path and into an unseen hole…… another very dumb dab!

A great ride round some single track before coming out on the field above the start. Cross the field to 10 which was a great section before the fire and flood but is now much altered. A long downhill and a drop off step onto a narrow sand bar for a tight turn in loose rocks and then uphill through some trees to the exit. This rides nicely.

Section 11 has the log crossings and at least will be a test for the redesigned bash plate. No problems for an easy clean.

Having missed 1 the first time round its now cut up a bit and muddy in places but still has plenty of grip. A variation on a theme which we have ridden many times. Initial downhill into a left 180 and back onto a rocky bank going into the river and firm sand bars. Back out and a squirt up the bank and through the trees and turn along the red to the exit. First loop total of 2 very dumb dabs!!

Out for the second loop and still murky and looking like rain. Clean the first 7 and now a re-walk on the root corner. Not quite so much power and a much better effort.  9, where I’d hit my shoulder rides easily from a wider turn and makes you wonder how I could have made such a “Horlicks” of it the first time. Nice ride on 10 and no problems on the logs of 11 for a good clean loop.

Rain is still in the air so time to press on and think getting out of here before problems appear and the grassy bank from the parking area gets wet and greasy.

9 cleans and now back to 10 which I had ridden well on my first two visits.  A bit slow with weight transfer on the bottom turn and maybe try to turn too tight and another dab is lost. No problems with 11 so just a 1 to add to the score giving a total of 3 which again should have been another clean card.

Get loaded very quickly and leave before the downpour arrives which is only minutes away. Make it up the grass bank with a bit of wheel spin and we are on the track for the gate. No sooner make the road and the downpour begins…… as we drive around Casper the giant black cloud is stationary over Mostellar Ranch and I can only imagine how the afternoon will be.


Made it to the road ……. but here it comes!!

Great weekend as always despite the Cub’s oil leaks but I have at last ridden an event and enjoyed myself. Many thanks to Dan and Bob and all the checkers and helpers. Still the best Vintage Trials venue in the USA.



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