A splash of overnight rain but up a little earlier this morning and now the body is insisting on a double
dose of coffee before anything is going to come to life.

Day 3 then? only 10 sections and just the Vintage group wandering round so we should finish a little
earlier and be on our way around 1300 with any luck. Manage to get the show on the road a little
quicker this morning and either the body has given up in disgust or it has decided to get with the

Briefing over the Cub is a bit “spitty” on start up and seems a little off but then seems good enough
after it warms up. Today our 10 sections are on a reverse loop of Saturday and joy of joys, NO Lego
Land and perhaps a bit more mud and I hear the easy No 2 from Saturday is reversed and uphill so
that should be good.

0900, and off we go with the first section of “Island” where we drop in from the track, cross the water to
the island and then drop back in the river for a top turn in water, mud and rocks and cross over again
for the tricky uphill adverse exit to the track. I see a few marks dropped but overall with a bit of care it
should ride well on idle power……. and so it does for a good satisfying clean.

First crossing to the Island Section 1

The top turn of 1

No 2 is just off the track above one of our standard river crossings. Enter and slight downhill into uphill
45 degree slice at a soft grass bank, turn on top then wiggle round some trees to line up for a log
crossing before the exit. Another nice clean and this section should stay the same all day.

Through the river and down and round to the previously used mud hole. This has never really been a
problem and I don’t forsee any coming so I dive straight in without walking it. Complete the turns as
planned but on line up for the exit the front wheel climbs out of the rut and takes me by surprize for an
incredibly dumb dab. Somewhat similar to a dab on Town Hall Brae!!! (Not that I ever did, but I know
a lot who have)

No 4 is out on some banks which are grassy, muddy and some are also dry and loose. Two sets of
up-downs with left hand turns on the tops. All goes well here so press on to 5.

Section 5 is the reverse of a new one used last year and has one of those tree stump start gates that
are footrest wide. Through that into immediate left 90 then either reverse through 180 right and then
turn through 90 left into 10 foot drop and up the far side to the exit or take a longer looping downhill and
then power on in a long adverse left uphill which could get slippery. Mike Buchholz and I agree on the
straight drop and we both clean it.

Tree stump start on 5

A little further on there is a parking area denoting the start of Section 6.  A level start in some fast
flowing water with some gates to negotiate amid slippery rocks, fast flowing 9 inches of water with
grass and mud everywhere. Further up another gate with a higher crossing of a log for 1 liners and
something flatter for the 2’s. Mike and I watch Rick Daniel start well enough then get in an almighty
muddle on the log. Mike comes through next and all goes well until the log which is clearly much more
slippery than it looks and the bike goes sideways and shoots across the section into deep water and
a completely virgin line that had never been walked or even considered. Seems the log needs a
straighter attack!  I turn earlier after the first gate but the wheel sinks in the goop before it comes
straight taking me for an unexpected dab. Sail through the rest of it so need a “compromise” line next

Rick through the first gate of 6

Very slippery on that log

Out and enjoy the fast single track to 7  which is Saturday 2 in reverse. Now this should be good! All
3’s and 5’s here from what I’m seeing so plunge in and whip round the first goopey turn clean with
alternating power. Burst on across the very deep and thick stuff and then power off to roll out by the
turn ( God I love these!!) power back on to come across the easier stuff and creep round to the exit.
As I start the last turn the f88888******** *****8 thing whiskers a plug and quits!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all my
hard work the air is somewhat BLUE and that is saying it politely.

First uphill turn of 7 in the mud hole

Plug changed, on we go around the track and back down the meadow to 8. 1 and 2 lines are the
same here with a gentle ride across a hard bedded clear stream and then set up for a giant log with
no kicker or run up? Other choice continue past the log and go further down and attempt to turn round
in a brush and mud hole and then come back for a bit more of a run in at the said log. 5 after 5 seems
to be the story and those going by the log are getting stuck in the turn and can’t get any further. See
Fred (the master of the clutch tight turn) try the further past turn but this ends in tears losing three
before getting to the log. Dave Dewonia sinks the Bismark BSA in the same hole for his 5. I’ll try a fast
turn leap and see what happens???? Well I’m up on the log for 1 but 2 more go out the window in the
deep bog the other side of the log.

9 & 10 are back at the start and are today’s spectator sections. Alan Duke has 9 which is reasonable
until the exit gate which can catch you out with its groove and tight turn.  I’m good here with a little flick
of the bars.

Out of the slime on 9

10 is another Saturday reverse but having walked it there is an easy way out as there is no card this way
round for the big rock. Study the line and watch other’s progress to make sure I’m not going the wrong
way. Down in the water, cross to the far side and gently set up a path for the exit bank and run out to the
finish. It goes to plan and with the frustrating 5, ten marks lost on loop 1. Speak with Eugene whose
back is still playing up so he is doing his checking duty today for 1st place points.

Nursing it round the far bank of 10

Loop 2 and plain sailing through 1-3 and a little close to a blue wandering tape in 4, no problems at 5
so back to the tricky 6 which may have cut up. Well the improved compromise line works well and a nice
clean so lets see if I can do better on 7 where I had the whiskering 5.

Good line up through 1

This one has cut up but I’m going to use the same technique and it goes well enough with one prod to
keep forward progress. Over the top to 8 and have a quick look in the hope that the log has been
chewed up a bit. No such luck, so same attack and same result for another three. 9 goes the same way
as before with a final flick at the exit. 10 rides as before so only 4 lost this loop.

Coming out of the river at 10

Not yet 1100 as I set out for the last loop after a quick gentleman’s coffee break at the coach. Brenda
comes out for some photos so better not screw up looking at the camera!  Nice precise cleans on 1-5
so just the three problem sections of 6,7 and 8 to get through.

A bit of power on 1

Out of 1 for the last time

Where did you learn this technique John ?

Section 6 has cut up a bit more so try and find a dry line before the log crossing. Same result as the
first go but very close.

The mud hole at 7 seems to be bottoming out so I think I can ride it slower and use the 1 line as the
route. Nice balance and power all the way round for an enjoyable clean on my favorite of the day.
Congratulations from Rick and Ron who were watching and a chat on UK trials and Kentish mud. See
a few more dabs and two’s as we chat.

Over to 8 for the last time and the section seems a little wider, or is it my imagination? Jimmy and
John ride it well and I have to say  Jimmy is really doing very well on the Yam. I take it as wide as I can
and surprise myself by getting up on the log and just take a steadying dab to get out.

Still the tricky exit of 9 to deal with but I’ll give it the flick by the gate to get out.  Not sure whether John’s
technique is in Sammy’s book or something he is learning from moto-cross but it worked.

Little flick for the exit

Much improved riding from Jimmy

No problem……… yet!

Here it is again! (The Air Dab) Not covered in the “Sammy” book

10 goes well and the event is over with only 2 lost on this loop and a total of 16 including the whisker

Dazzling ! last time through 10

Loading complete, jacks up, awards presented, thanks you’s and farewells over, time to be on the
road by 1300 and see if we can make Walmart at Rifle tonight. Meanwhile whatever happened to
Raeph and Priscilla this year?

“Raeph darling, is it true? Have they really gone?”

“Yes, my sweet, but … they WILL be back next year!”


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