Full cry at Casper

Always a good start when you are home again and looking forward to the next time. So what did I learn from
3 days of trialing ?

Still love the sport

OKO’s need a smidge of tick over unlike the Mikuni

Magical rear shocks are NOT worth the money!

Worn tires cost marks

The SM peg sets need strengthening

You can’t rest on your laurels and rely on your memory !

Well, the BIG clock tells me it was about this time some 50 years ago that I was learning the ropes of this
trialing game and about to win my BEST NOVICE cup at the Folkestone  EKTC event on my newly acquired
Greeves Scottish. Here I am 50 years later and still enjoying the sport as much as ever.

Looking back across this season I can think of about six 5’s caused, as it would now appear, by lack of
tuning knowledge of the OKO. Some at Turkey Rock and Sipapu, one on the podium at Dolores and the two previously reported at Casper. That extra turn on the screw makes a huge difference !

The throttle slide screw! Hereafter called “The Screw that Screws You” 

The worthless Magicals did not live up to the hype. I measured them when they arrived at 14″ which I
thought was a bit long as the OEM ones are13.25″. The shocks that I had been using on SG were Showa
at 12.25″ and these worked exceptionally well on the lower mounts, of course I now wish I had kept them
but I think I was sucked in by the need for some purpose built ones.  When I first mounted the “less than”
Magicals they seemed to jack the rear end up too much and with the swinging arm pushed way down the
brake pedal was fouling the frame. After only two events they started leaking !! For a $550 pair of shocks
this was a disgrace. At Casper they even bottomed out several times while riding at a moderate speed on
the loop.

Magicals mounted on the Majesty points jacked the back up too much

Better on the original mounts…… but then they leaked!!

Mr Michelin’s faithful 4 x 18 X11 was turned when SG was rebuilt but now after 10 rides it is toast having
rounded off both sides. Value for money the IRC is just as good in my opinion but is a touch softer so it
needs to run a little higher in pressure or the center will fold in and not give the required footprint or grip.
The pinprick of a hole was found in the tube and the new IRC now has a new running partner in the shape
of a new tube and is all mounted and ready for the first outing. Just waiting on the arrival of the new
Rockshocks from the UK, which like all Rockshocks are custom made for both machine and rider. From
what John tells me these are going to be a lot better as he has made many pairs for the Majesty.

The Michelin is now toast

A new hedgehog IRC goes on

While the wheel was out a quick look at everything else down the back end and the chain needs to be
replaced along with the chain tensioner block. Have you seen the price on these little blocks ?? When bike
building was going full tilt I used to buy them by the pack ! The price has shot up to almost $20 a pop, for a
chunk of molded nylon……. more research required here, someone is getting rich quick!

Used and abused

Fancy one in yellow please

The new Rockshocks arrived yesterday (Monday) from the UK and were only posted last Thursday so it
can be done! They often say 5-10 days to get a letter to the UK which in my opinion is really unacceptable
in this day and age.

New Rockshocks…. are they too long ?

Further review of the SG rear end also shows the rear sprocket is toast……. well it has been on there for
some time now I think about it although the bike wasn’t ridden for quite a few years. So new sprockets,
chain, just had to have the expensive yellow block, and while I was in the ordering process I went for a
different clutch lever to try and soften that side of the operation as well.

New chain ready to fit

Waiting on the soft pull lever

First try at mounting the new Rockshocks and these again are VERY long !! However John tells me that
they have the requisite sag so should adapt with weight on the bike. Small filing job needed on the Majesty
angled chainguard and then small problemee with grot and mud having got in the lowered shock mounts
which I’m currently trying to persuade to come out and let the bolts screw in. While I’m waiting for the new
sprocket to arrive I could refit the old chain and see how it feels …. always something to tinker with….. and
then I do have a set of shorter ends for the Rockshocks so I can shorten them a little if I think it will make
any difference.

…and finally on the learning curve. I NEED to PRACTICE!! This is realistically something that I’ve never
done! Perhaps if I had I could have been quite useful, but, having made it to expert class by the age of 17,
bearing in mind you could only ride trials with a licence so you had to be 16 before you could start, I gave
up dedicated practicing as such as I was riding every weekend throughout the year both Saturday and
Sunday. Being 67 now I think its time to refresh the memory banks as resting on the laurels memory still
kicks into gear but sometimes is taking the 3rd loop to come on line! A bit of Carnegie Hall syndrome I
think as the New Year’s resolution.

So as always we wait to start the next mini rebuild


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