Today marks the start of some big and important changes! However more on that tack when it
happens. Things that must get done are get some new batteries for the coach as after all the
generator problems one of the lifetime sealed house batteries is dragging the others down with it.
They do have a 5 year warranty but I think they must be gold plated as they are $300 EACH!
Having made the decision to change them, guess what? The stockist has 3 !  Not exactly sure
what you would fit 3 in but he assures me I will have them by Tuesday. Also I need to get an oil
change and fuel filter change en-route and the air filter, which is about the size of a standard
trash container needs replacement.

Ready for it’s first outing

Bikewise for Milliken I’m taking the Royal Enfield for it’s first taste of competition and of course the
Cub to see if I can get some more points in Classic to go with the 3 wins and the annoying third.
The Cub is all cleaned and ready save for changing the front wheel which has gone a funny shape.
I’m still planning on cutting out the lower downtube under the engine and fitting a straight alloy
bashplate which Barry may be able to make me in time for Bull Hollow. Ray Iddon is sending me a
stealth tank and a right hand oil tank to fit on the Cub. Maybe a rebuild coming after Donner and
about time to chrome the frame! Purple barrel, gold head and purple cables maybe?

The good looking “Stealth” tank by Ray

The Matching Oil tank

I wish I could weld!

I need to put the Enfield footrests back some more and I’ll be after Barry on Monday to get this
done before Wednesday, assuming Barry is still a “free man” after his run in with the Mexican

The two old sheds

On the home front time to remove two old buildings and spin off the paddock area as all the
weeds have now burnt off and smarten up the place for a possible sale, assuming anything will
sell in this day and age. C’mon people it’s time to buy! Hopefully a friend of mine will buy the
Honda collection, the Cagiva and the Yam TYZ and maybe be persuaded to take the Ossa as well.
The KTM is sold in name and the prospective buyer now has 2/3 of the rquired cash. The gorgeous
MV F4 1000 may also have to leave as 2 crotch rockets is one too many. Then I’ll throw the 2
TY175’s on e-bay and see how they go.

All for sale except Brenda!

Amazingly NAPA had all the filters I needed for the coach so that’s the next job. Cub finished and
wheel changed out, Madam’s baby TY has a new rear fender after cracking the fiberglass one and
the motor is on the bench from the Babyglitz for some new main bearings.

All ready to start changing filters when I discover a support bar for some ducting in the engine
compartment has broken it’s weld. Jose will be here at 0900 and he can do all the filters at the
same time. I have to see Barry re footrests, get the batteries, then fit them and get some extra
info on resetting the inverter. Get to the Accountant and sort out payroll for the troops, other
than that a pretty standard day.

Plan A and Plan B went well and the buildings were demolished, the dead grass and weeds gone
and all other garden maintenance complete. Excellent visit to accountant! Beam welded back and
all filters changed. Collected the new batteries but, even with a photo of the layout I can’t tell the
wiring sequence…. 4 x 6 volt batteries do I link two in series? and then 2 in parallel? Better not
screw it up and as I will be in RV renovators area I’d better drop in and make one final check
before blowing the new ultra expensive power source!

A wiring crossword

The footrests were ready on time, I will fit them this morning and see if my new stand that I
fabricated will also work (quite pleased with myself on this one). Time for invoicing, delivery,
change one Napa Filter (one out of 4 can’t be bad) fit the batteries and then start loading. A
serious chance we may be ready on time!

I was very pleased with “my” stand

Back just a bit on the rests

1500, all batteries fitted, trailer back on, invoices delivered, topped up with water, even got my
clothes onboard, just tools and the famous three bikes to go. Then down to Napa and change
that filter, might even get some pool time this evening and the early morning start is looking
better than normal.

Tony Down

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