Finally after much political wrangling between Ahrma and ITSA the release of the former Ahrma
agent, Superglitz, has been effected. After her last outing at Sandia in 2008 in the magical hands of
Mick Andrews she has been in a hideaway, though well cared for, in the depths of the Bat Cave of
Arvada…… a place of much motor cycling heritage.

Her stablemate, Ossamaha, was also in the same place until ransom money was paid by Mike
Buchholz and she was back in the light of day going on to win the Modern Classic Expert division
both in 2009, with Mike at the helm, before being sold on to Rick Daniel for his 2010 Championship

So now its Superglitz’s time to run free, and most likely sport a No 1 number board and join the fray
on the ITSA circuit. Well before that she must be collected so a RV has been selected and the Special
Ops team is despatched at 0700 to run the 245 miles for a 1200 exchange.

The routing takes us through Durango and on to Pagosa Springs before climbing the notorious Wolf
Creek Pass. Down the other side to South Fork and Del Norte before turning northbound to climb
Poncha Pass and descend into Salida.

All clear going up Wolf Creek

Over the summit

The last of the snowsheds before South Fork

With 100 to go a quick break and coffee refresher in South Fork as things are going extremely well
averaging over 60 mph for the first part of the run in clear, but very cold conditions. Looking at the
“heads up” display it seems I will be at the destination circa 1122.

Consulting the “Heads Up” display

Ed and Evelyn are on time and we meet up as planned. Time for some brief refreshments, exchange
made, and time to refuel and set off again.

This must be “It”

Ed and Evelyn are waiting for me at the border

Ah, there you are Glitzie Baby !

With still good cold, dry conditions  the first 120 miles are covered in 2 hours and then after South Fork
all hell breaks loose coming up Wolf Creek Pass. Not much better on the other side as someone
elects to drive at speeds circa 5-10 coming all the way down the 7 mile descent.

Joy of Joys, 120 miles of this ?

Further up Wolf Creek and its getting worse !!

Nearing the top in poor vis and heavy snow

Variable conditions between 2+ inches of wet snow, slush and wet roads for the next 120 miles and
of course it gets even more unpleasant approaching Dolores. No matter the mission is done and I
roll in around 1730……. but SUPERGLITZ IS HOME!!

The ICE racer

Nothing like a winter trial !

Frozen straps complete the deal

One coffee later and a fireside warm the frozen straps are slowly released and the ice pack cut off the machine. She now rests, in a growing puddle, downstairs in the office….. clean up duties to follow
once she comes out of hypothermia and frost bite can be assessed.


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  • 2/22/2012 5:06 PM Daniel Joslin wrote:
    Hello Tony,
    I have been following your website for a while and enjoyed the articles, etc. Drove by the RV park last summer checking out Delores while heading back from Moab, should of stopped and chatted, maybe next summer. Email me, I have some questions about ITSA and other TY related stuff. Glad to see the superglitz is seeing daylight.
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