No, the taste buds are going!

Back to Durango for the start of what I’d hoped would be the last 3 sessions of this chemo poison. The new doctor, Dr Buck, has finally got his feet under the table and given my case some time, but he is in the hands of the Denver Surgeon.

I share all my current concerns reference all these awful side effects which continue to increase. The intense cold, the splitting fingers, pins and needles, weeping eyes, and the constant running nose.

He now tells me we are reducing some of the poison as my speech and hearing are both going downhill and that is another expected side effect.  ……. and now we come to the next unknown! Yes he thinks the rectal surgery could be done after the results of the scan which will be two weeks after session 12. However he doesn’t think liver surgery will be possible as there is TOO Much in the tumors in the liver. He also tells me the pills that were the all singing and dancing way to go contain ALL the sodding poisons that cause all the side effects I’m suffering!!!!  ….. WELL THAT’S BRILLIANT !!!!

Good news on Facebook Marketplace as a couple of XK  Jags appear on the market and both private sellers. No 2 is out by San Diego and too far for a “look see”

Another one in silver is up in the earlier style but wins with the dash which is, nicer wood but with the older style shifter that I “think” I like more.

The older style dash

Still easy on the eye.

On the good news front,  which there seems to be not much of these days, the new hand cream from Home Depot is doing a good job on my poor little pinkeys!

Also as a surprise while scanning the “Marketplace” up pops that gorgeous Aston Martin which is now double advertised as the  seller has handed it over to a dealer, or maybe he works there? However more pictures and it looks like its had another detailing with this new mirror shine!


Yes, the same one

The big Question ……. can I …..????

I wish

Now that really is pretty

Great job of detailing

Love it!

Well still a lot of time left, whether any of these will be available when I’m ready remains to be seen. Then there will be other questions re: the Cancer scenario, time frames etc,etc. We live in eternal hope!



















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