Wednesday 10/2/19 and over to Durango for session No7 of this Chemo Poison. Doctor informs me it might need the full 12 sessions or we may go into radiation for 5 weeks and 5 sessions a week!!!???

The “thing” moves around you

He also tells me I need to go to Denver to see the Surgeon who will decide, when and what will go under the knife, …….. a lot of driving in the near future as Denver is 450 each way and the daily run to Durango will be 130 or 650 a week ……. better think of the Range Rover I’ve promised myself at the end of all this.

Just something about this one 

Here are a few more that also appeal

Same dealer, less miles …… Color???

Something different, owned by a giant basketball player over in California, special bodywork and exhaust, Special interior and  with the BMW engine 

Still all wishful thinking at this stage and I need to sell a few possessions first. I could be leaning towards this one for looks, preparation and novelty ….. and not too bad on price considering what has been done to it.

Friday morning, a better night’s sleep and only another 4 hours on the chemo poison bag! Feeling a bit better than the usual Friday but early so wait and see how those nice side effects cut in.

The bag is off, the nose and eyes are watering and I’m really getting pissed off with these side effects. On current review is the Radiation and the proposed visit to Denver to meet with the surgeon. Not sure what is to be gained from this as he/she has all the records but the next MRI won’t be scheduled until after session 8 when we can see how much the tumors have hopefully been reduced. The idea of a 900 mile drive and a night stop seems somewhat premature to me.

















4 thoughts on “CHEMO ROUND 7”

  1. Tony, many years ago while web surfing/googling vintage trials, I clicked on your site. I enjoyed following your trials builds and exploits. I have a garage-full of vintage trials bikes, some mint original, and some heavily modified.
    I’m in Massachusetts, and have been. out your way a few times over the past several years, but never stopped in your town.
    Anyways, I followed your tribulations with trials, then the smoking-related COPD, but haven’t clicked on your site in about 5 months until now, and am sorry to read about your new battle.

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your site (and bikes), and am quite confident that with your great attitude, great family, and great doctors, you’ll win this fight.

    1. Its hard work, but many thanks. Might be selling the “No Excuse” Cub but will keep the Suprerglitz Yam just in case!


  2. “Chemo brain,” “chemo fog” and “chemo memory” are terms used to describe controversial and little-understood short-term memory and concentration problems that may occur after chemotherapy. In most cases, these problems go away within a year of completion of the chemotherapy.

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