2013 the year of the Snowman

As the year comes to a close, school bus driving ends today, the decorations are up and the lighting prize
was won once more. Now time to sit back and enjoy, what is for me, one of the best times of the year. A bit
of pool to crack the weekend off, after a few bulb changes in the light display, and perhaps a few less GT’s
to ensure I make it to nightfall !

A couple of our local ladies will be playing their Sonny & Cher numbers at the Hollywood as the pool final
competition finishes and onward for a couple of hours. Tomorrow we are getting a pool table light hung over
ours in the morning after which I shall be off collecting all the goodies for my cook duties on Wednesday. All the normal fare of Turkey, a spiral ham, fresh potatoes, sprouts, leeks, swede, parsnips and some stuffing
extras. Sunday night the Brewpub has its private party with ugly Christmas sweaters ……. and I have mine!!!

Pool and Ugly Sweaters

That should take care of the weekend and after one last real surprise present it will be wrapping time and
perhaps a tour of the local area to see some of the light displays and other people’s hard work. Of course
there will be a ton of Hallmark movies with all the old tear jerkers. Seen Christmas Vacation, need White
Christmas and A Wonderful Life then I’m good to go on some new ones in the Witch series or Debbie
McCumber does Christmas.

Saturday came and went, light bulbs replaced where the trash collector had flipped the dumpster and
broken some bulbs, so an easy fix there. Logs a’plenty and onto the pool. We don’t do too well but with the
main game finished they want to play 3 ball. 12 players shoot at 3 balls and the best score wins …. unless
there is a tie when all pay again and further rounds are completed until an eventual winner gets the low
score. 2 rounds nearly done and all equal, until Brenda sinks 2 balls off the break and gently pots the last
for a guaranteed winning score of 2 !! 2 more rounds and I’m last to shoot, nothing off the break but a
good chance and I get a double and then the single for the win. We are well pleased.

Sunday then, time to gird the loins once more and go Turkey & Hog hunting at Safeway. Handy man does
not make it, but at least he calls, so I’m off into town and as far as I can see I have all I need for the annual
cooking spectacular. Small impulse purchase here.

An impulse purchase

A little football to close out the morning and then my first ever attempt at icing a Christmas cake ! I hope
it will be similar to what I remember.

Icing first attempt

Sunday night a private party at the Brewpub and Brenda gets a couple of unexpected surprises and an
excellent bonus for all her hard work. The party is for employees and invited customers and the dreaded
kareokee features heavily. Good food and free beer on tap! Being Christmas I’m into the stout with tons of memories of how I used to do Christmas shopping, and always on Christmas Eve. With dining complete it
starts to degenerate as the booze flows and bar dancing begins.

Brewpub owner Mark, welcomes one and all

Mark leads off with his rendition of “Hot Hot Hot”

Brenda gets the bar dancing started

How strong is your bar top ?

Ugly sweaters by “Croft & Barrow”

Monday and the game plan post dog walking is the 50 mile run to Durango to pick up a surprise present
to go under the tree as everything else in this day and age is a “known” gift as its been sourced and
purchased through the internet. The single present becomes two, well it is Christmas after all. On time,
an afternoon of wrapping and relisting some ebay stuff. The presents are wrapped and offered to the tree
in some pagan ritual.

The Pagans offer gifts to the tree

Now time for a run around Cortez to see others endeavors at the lighting game including all the ones I
drive by in the School Bus. Like most things they seem to go in batches and you can suddenly come
across a side street where the inhabitants have all tried to out do each other. Here are a couple of “our”

While shooting a couple of these I saw a nativity scene down the road with the classic stuffed animals
standing in the lights so ventured down for a few shots. Got one hell of a surprise when they moved!

Yikes !!! these things areal !

Time to move on to the scene of the Christmas Massacre that I pass every morning on my Middle and
High School run. Always makes me chuckle as I see the carnage of dead Santas, elves, polar bears
and others and their lifeless corpses face down in the snow or collapsed on the roof having been
deprived of their source of air.

Dead Santas abound in dawn’s early light

A different story by night

With Cortez behind us back to Dolores for some side street viewing in the residential department who have
their own competition. All the normal standard stuff but a couple that catch the eye are the use of real trees

A near perfect outside tree

Egg Nog time and some of that tasty spiral ham and with blazing fire settle down for Hallmark’s best films.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,

Had just settled down for a long winter’s nap,

When out on the roof there arose such a clatter

Santa takes a nasty “5” trying too hard for a dab !


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