The “White” Christmas

4″ on the rail this morning and a fair bit of devastation to the display. Frosty took another hit along with 2 deer and a couple of Santakins and the sleigh had a rough time too with another battering. Lights out on a deer and the polar bear is on his side. Well, peeps, no help from me today as its still snowing, mighty cold and pretty windy.

Time for the fire and the new yule log picture on channel 565 to give us fires in stereo. This one has puppies and kittens.


Stereo log fires

Breakfast with sticky cinnamon rolls and then presents…… and the phone calls begin. woweeee! its gone midday and no cooking moves have been made.


Brenda salts and peppers the beef into submission while I peel potatoes, parsnips, and my once a year favorite “the bullet hard swede”. Carrots, leeks and sprouts are all prepped for the off so now time for a Christmas cocktail.


Veggies up and ready …… swede on the rolling boil and parsnips and potatoes finishing their parboil before roasting


Stand back! Its Christmas cocktail time

Attention to detail pays off with regular basting and core temp checking on the super beef. Circa 1600 we are ready to eat and have a glass of Phil’s v, expensive wine. The bottle goes well in our new bottle holder.


What a gorgeous lump and roasting veggies


and roasting sprouts too


……. and now the carving and the eating. For me, I always love the better done “End Cut” with all the salt and juicy fatty bits.


Now that’s a meal!



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