Yikes! he’s back!…….. and still not very good!

0830 and everyone still asleep. 2″ on the rail overnight so we are up to a White Christmas. Fire lit, TV yule log on so stereo time at the fireplace.

Its a BEEF today, with all the trimmings. Seems I’m on trimmings so I’ll be peeling and chopping vegetables shortly! …… mind you these Mimosa’s are quite DELIGHTFUL!!!!

Turns out to be my perfect Christmas drink!

Swede’s done and on a rolling boil, potatoes, parsnips and leeks all prepped and ready to par boil before roasting later on,  so my part of the operation is near done.


It sa 7 POUNDER!

My part with the veggies

Pressie from Sally now up in a window ……. looking good, thank you.

Lunch came and went, forgot to take pictures, but it was superb one of the best, if not the best beef I tasted in 2019! Couldn’t finish it but plenty for Boxing Day along with Christmas pudding and Christmas cake, neither of which I had any room for.

Santa lands at Cozy

Side effects caught up with me around 2000 so off to bed and wake up to another fresh 2″of snow but very bright and sunny and no wind.

Brenda and Phil take a trip to Telluride as it really is a “bluebird” day, while I stay at home with the energy sapping side effects that I was hoping would be diminishing by now.

Forecasters keep issuing storm warnings but so far not much to slow everybody down. Currently down to 2-4″ by day and another 1-3″ overnight.

Well I made it to Christmas, hopefully a few more to come




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