Twas the afternoon before Christmas Eve, and nothing did stir, the wife was at work and the dogs
were all here.

Schools were all closed and no driving was needed, so time for some Solvol and necessary cleaning.

He grabbed the wheel he wanted to fettle, but my God it was cold, and his hand stuck to the metal.

The spokes are corroded but beautifully laced, the bearings are crap and must be replaced.

Wire wool and Emery were on hand at the ready, as Startrek repeats played on the telly.

Spoke by spoke they are polished, each to perfection, the bearings alas, only fit for rejection !

With 36 done, both fore and aft, Shadetree cries “more coffee at last.”

On raising his head, he sees a new trick, now where’s the camera?  “I must have a pic.”

The cat and the dog have now become one, well Luna and Cadbury, isn’t this fun?

More Solvol and cloths are brought to the fight, and soon the rim is gleaming and bright.

But now it’s the season and time for a beer, so off to the brewery to quoff Christmas Cheer,

a carol or two brings on a tear, and to all,  “MERRY  CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR”

So, save for the bearings the wheel is done and now time to move on to the two sets of forks that were
both sprayed in period red. I can never understand why anyone paints alloy! They were both dragged in
from the workshop which is now off limits as the temps are below common sense working levels. The laundry room will soon rejoice to the smell of paint remover.

News of other wheels for the TY set looks like an early YZ wheel will fit ? it would seem logical that
Yamaha would use the same wheel when they came back to trials bike building for those TY air
cooled monos.  Ed tells me he knows a man who swopped out his drum mono wheel for a disc
version and Jimmy Allison says he has YZ wheels…….. so looking good here.

Christmas Eve and other than some wrapping I’m ready. An evening of golden oldies with Chevy
Chase in Christmas Vacation, always good especially the lights! and then Wonderful Life to finish the

A surprize visit from Santa

Christmas Day and up early and light a roaring fire and get the carols on. Presents by the fire this
year and Santa was very good to me, with a new Canon camera and lots of other goodies to delight.

Presents by the fire this year

Now the ritual begins and very soon stuffing is done, bird washed and prepped and ready for the
oven. Dogs walked, tons of firewood hauled in and now veggie time. Spuds and parsnips first then
the bullet hard swede and finally leeks and brussel sprouts. Bird in, Christmas cocktails poured the
duty global phones calls are made.

The bird goes in..

The bird comes out

The Chef and guests are well pleased, another Christmas Day complete


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  • 12/28/2011 8:00 PM Don Hale wrote:
    Hi Tony -It’s been a while since I posted anything. I enjoy your writing so keep at it. I totally agree with you on the AHRMA crap. Too bad we don’t have more open minded people like you on the board. Have a great new year…… Don
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  • 12/29/2011 9:09 PM Scott wrote:
    I agree with Don,keep at the writing,I also enjoy it.I,m looking for a TY front end to put on my Ossa-good to know that YZ bits will work.
    Hope you and yours have a happy and healthy new year!
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