….. And so it begins, the late wrapping is done, the presents are under the tree, and the Hallmark films are playing. The forecast overnight snow showers I don’t think made it, but there were some signs of dampness but now the sun is up and it feels quite warm.


The morning moves on, presents first and my list arrives in full, as well as some much needed slippers and a super Tom Sellick type granddad’s sweater.

Sticky bun breakfast, extra wood for tonight, then after the mega trash run, time for the first of the Dangerous Christmas Cocktails, but where are the sugar lumps? Strangely our very expensive grocery is open and he has cube sugar so once more……………….. “Peace on Earth” is restored!


Dangerous Cocktail No1

Now coming up to vegetable time with swede, parsnip, Brussel sprouts, leeks, carrots and corn to prepare … Ho, ho, ho.


Parsnips ready


Leeks, carrots multi colored, and sprouts


Swede going well

Veggies done and now sitting waiting for 1600 feast and my mouth is watering already at the thought of the 5lb beef! Second DCC in the glass and first call to the UK but Edward goes to answer phone (as always)

Edward rings and we have a good laughing chat over all life’s events and misfortunes.

Cooking continues, par boiling, mashing and eagerly awaiting the food to come. Several transfers later carving begins and everything looks good and tastes even better.


The roasted veg leave the meat pan, parsnips and potatoes come out of the fryer


She rests!


Carving begins


Fit for a Queen


mine, all mine ……. yes a bit OTT ……but delicious or YUUMMEEE!

Once again, I fall foul of the “Big eyes, old age” routine over eating, but boy it was good  ……… I made it to about 7 pm but then it was a straight 12 hours in bed!


Haven’t heard from Santa yet, “I hope he is OK”



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