Much preparation after Thanksgiving Day’s dusting of snow as now the two weeks of lights and staples begins in earnest. Yesterday was the clean up of the Russian sages to expose the waterfall bed and get some clear space for the deer and blue Christmas tree.

Russian Sages on the Waterfall bed

Evidence of Russian Hacking !

Next on the menu was all the soft cushions and seats before the snow ruins them all. Somehow the lights in the boiler room had been wrenched apart but a couple of new connectors and all is well. All soft cushions stacked, chain saws and strimmers to the tool shed and the Workshop tided and carpets cleaned with the shop vac.

Last of the dead and dying summer long plants dumped and nice pots saved for next year. More wood chopped and ready for the fireplace.

The herd of reindeer are brought down from the workshop loft and given their yearly service! As usual with Christmas lights, some are out and easy to replace while others are major sections requiring a lot of individual searching to find either the missing or broken bulb. Four new deer are purchased for this year and are now on their stands. The old golden one with its sleigh was in poor condition and the sleigh got the heave-ho and a new one joined the fold. While I was waiting “Goldie” got some repairs but will be sleighless  this year. I did find some “eyes” for these poor creatures and will fit them today.

Waterfall “Herd” ready for layout

“One blind deer, ………. “

“Eye, Eye,  Captain Santa “

A couple of  new metal trees will join the display this year along with a big Cinderella carriage, yet to be unboxed and built.

Upstairs all the boxes came down from the loft and Brenda has been hard at it getting the indoor decorations up. The tree has been a pain for the last two years as the lights have been causing problems and it is getting to the point of major frustrations and once again has had a complete rewire.

The Tree and garlands are done

Garlands look great

Outside progress seems slow but as always there has been a lot of things to patch up and check over. The Stump of the old cottonwood where the shivering polar bear has stood all these years has rotted through and needed a new “table top” to secure the decoration.

More checking of lights and other pieces are now ready for the front beds. Polar bears in place and all the deer now on the rockery. Darth gets some glue and the Scuffy crew of Santas get inspected.

Snoopy in place, lights to come

Herd in place not yet connected

Snoopy joins the team for 2018 and appropriately takes his place by the dog kennel frost protector for that “Backwash Valve”. Running out of time I manage to take down the Gazebo and get that put away before tonight’s first real dump of snow.

1st dump of the season

Friday 30th November and 3-4″ on the rail so very pleased with my work on the Gazebo yesterday. Its a heavy wet snow and the forecast says a lot more to come in the next few days.

Saturday morning and now into December and the advent calendar is up along with the house’s shooting star. All the decoration boxes are now back up in the loft and one last deer gets a quick set of 50 lights and work begins on the new “Horse & Carriage” that Brenda got from Home Depot.

Horse complete

More snow overnight and about 6″ on the rail this morning and another 4″ to come from this storm. Obviously the cycling has come to a stop while other missions take center stage and a daily “Plan B” is at the ready, as I still have downstairs to do as well.

Just the final tidy up of wires and things and the carriage will be done which leaves the two new brown twig trees for the center bed and then construction should be done on the new stuff.

Sunday morning and snowing again and 2″ already. Time for the final building of new things, a bit of NFL and some more skiing to catch up on. It snows just about all day and after yesterday’s melt back to zero we have another 4″ back on the rail but overall about 8-10″ on the lawn swing and picnic table.

Last bit of glue on the leg braces

After the horse & carriage the trees were a breeze!

All the NEW stuff is complete!

A bit TOO deep for layout this morning so I need a bit of a “melt” before I venture out in it.

Yesterday, snowed nearly all day

No better in the afternoon

This morning, 4-6″ and only 8F !!!

Monday morning and it will be downstairs in the office/lobby area and back inside the Lodge Room.

Lodge Room complete and now a ‘holding stable” while we wait for layout conditions

Carriage in waiting

Fireplace complete

Deer, deer me

Lobby garland complete

It warms up to about 21F but now at 1730 its back down to 16F with a forecast low of 6F !!! Downstairs actually got finished so now I’m left with about a weeks work outside and really waiting for a bit of a melt before laying out cables and goodies.

Tuesday morning and VERY cold!     1F !!! and a high of only mid 20’s so I don’t see a lot getting done although I would like to do the sides of the Shade Garden and Boat House beds and get the shooting stars working. Might even knock some snow off the center bed trees and Scuffy.

Snow knocked off

Hard work banging off the frozen snow and exposing the front fir trees so that I can put the lights and cables on as I’m plunging around in up to 10″ of the white stuff. Driving D31 on the Rico run this afternoon.

Wednesday and the sun is shining and the melt starts and I manage to get both sides of the house complete with working ice lights and shooting stars.

Dismal Thursday, overcast, slightly warmer, but snowing and now starting to settle which is annoying and upsetting my layout plans, but what can you do?


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