With the vicious cold and 8-10″ of snow from last weekend its time to get outside of house set up but its taking a lot of time and made difficult with all the snow.

All ready for layout in Santa’s Workshop

Temps well below freezing time to uncover the fir trees and boat so that I can get some lights and cables in place.

Hard work clearing all the snow off the trees

A melt helps on Wednesday but on Thursday its snowing again and forecast for another 2″ tonight so I’ll give it best today and try again tomorrow.

Friday and as No School Day and the weather is nice! First up clean all the snow off the new balcony ….. and there was a lot of underside ice but its all broken up and over the side ……. let the melt continue!

Snow and ice off the balcony, now time to get the shooting stars and their associated ice lights checked over. All up and working but as yet not on timers. Twirlers next for the 5 balcony upright pillars with their bright LED lights and then the lower row of ice lights which are determined to tangle themselves and also have several lights out and sections not working at all.

By close of play on Sunday ALL front lights are plugged in and as a bonus the rose bed is lit up as well …… now the wait for 1630, then, all being good it should fire right up.

Rose Bed done

Monday, still bitter cold overnight but when the sun comes up it feels warm as there is no wind. Today its an Activity trip up to Ridgway School which will be a pleasant drive but no time to get the front bed finished which is my next task. Home around 2200 and I see a couple of sections of the old ice lights are out!

Tuesday, and the morning is lost to ice lights, now repaired, and checking all the lights for the center bed. An afternoon in the bushes with strings of lights and cables and at 1720 the final plugs, Chevy Chase style, without the drum roll, but, “Joy to the World” as it all lights up and deers start moving.

Main House with the bigger balcony

Wednesday, more in the center bed as more cables are added and the last items, including the Horse & Carriage, now on their own wooden bases, and the two new trees go in along with some spots on special areas. All looks good then the wind gets up, temps drop and it starts snowing again!

Thursday and another activity trip so just time to stand up anything that the wind blew down.

Friday, a little tired after yesterday’s trip and off as a Sub for 4.5 hrs so not much happening outside as the nasty wind is back again. Bus back in it’s slot and home to take some shots of the 2018 center bed display.

Standing guard at the “Backwash Kennel”

Deer and Santa at the Waterfall

Different angle

The Big Picture

The NEW “Horse & Carriage

Shivering Bear and NEW Sleigh  and Trees

Lots of helpers in the sleigh

Center Bed looking towards the Waterfall

Even got a “tree topper” this year

Boathouse Shooting Star

Front Door favorites

With that section complete all that remains is Scuffy for the weekend…………



  1. Hi Tony/Brenda – It’s been a very long time since we had any contact – I notice on your website that there is no posts on any bike stuff, so I,m guessing that you are no longer doing that?

    It would be nice to hear from you – I’m still very much involved in the Motorcycle Trials thing – although at age 81 I’m a tad limited to what I can do.

    All the best for Christmas ( your place looks fabulous)

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