Brenda decided to have a late brainwave and go for an “impromptu” party tonight and with all the other venues and plans it will be interesting to see “who”, if anybody shows up ?

Some did, and we fed them

Yesterday was a full on action day for me starting with cleaning the activity bus I was using for my 18 hour day yesterday. Duly swept, refueled with 50 gals, and all paperwork completed it was off to Cortez for the Christmas lunch shopping. Fortunately for me I had ordered my Prime Rib as Safeway had sold out unless you had put in a reserve order.


All the usual vegetables are loaded in the cart, leeks, onions, swedes, farticus continus (otherwise known as brussel sprouts), parsnips and corn and carrots at home.

Parsnips, Swedes, and Sprouts all on this section ….. leeks with the onions

Some extra ground beef which is almost the same price per lb as the prime rib!!!

Yesterday we lost our  shivering  polar bear, Polaris, leaving a big gap in the center bed so time to look for a replacement and we now have a shivering snowman to be called, Hypertherm, who is now erected and on duty. On the balcony Olaf got replaced with Snoopy  and Woodstock in the mailbox to go with Brenda’s  peanuts theme.

Happy Christmas to you “Hypertherm”

Olaf spending Christmas with Darth this year

Peanuts gang are taking over the balcony

All wind storm damage rectified, Santakins upright, Mrs Claus back on her feet (“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”) two Teddys back on their steeds and spotlights readjusted.

Teddy back in the saddle

New trees with baubles

“All aboard its Christmas!”

But look ……. it’s The Christmas Star

Now it is Christmas Eve and time to relevel the pool table which means I get to lift the huge piece while she slips some shim plates under two of the legs. Yes, pool tables are bloody heavy but my qualification for World’s Strongest Man is in with about 10 lifts to get her level !

Yes it feels like this!

One last visit into the loft for Christmas gift bags and clear the halls of a box of my old RAF Squadron Shields and trials trophies. Another load of wood to be cut and the last few items to go back in storage, just in case someone shows up tonight?

More guests

Well since the Lighting Contest Judgement Day of last Wednesday the Chamber has been very quiet despite returning to the previous  judging format with well qualified Senior judges. No more school children, thank goodness!  …… So today, Monday, we are told we have officially won. However, in time honored tradition, and in a final tribute to last year here is that little song …….. for the Chamber or is it Chamber Pot ?

Well the lights have all come on, glass in hand, carols playing, let the fun begin! …….and then there’s a knock on the door …..

“I canner decorate every bloody tree in this forest “











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