Still snowing!

With constant snow in the forecast and the large dump from last weekend I have NO choice but to extend the Christmas holiday this year as I can’t get at the outside decorations! All buried under about 8″ of the white stuff.

Destroyed by falling avalanche off the roof

Well as a Christmas lover I can continue with the theme. One major snow slide  off the roof destroyed the wiring to the boathouse side Shooting Star and its associated ice lights but the rest are still functional so I’ll keep the lights on until I can see where everything is and I can safely dismantle the show and put it away.

Meanwhile as we move through a snowy January Rudolph is having his annual confidential job report and after all the breaktime chats things are not looking too good.

Let’s see what everyone is saying about YOU!

Looks like there will be plenty of time to review Rudolph’s fate as the current forecast is 3-7″ tonight and then another 2″ tomorrow and then on Thursday night HEAVY SNOW!

Santa begins;   “well Rudolph there have been several incidents of insubordination as we can see here……”

and then in the Kitchen at Christmas lunchtime……..

“Then there was that navigation incident when your comments were not entirely complimentary”

….. and of course your lack of driving skills with reference to the elf community”

……. and then this happens!”

……and if you want to get promoted you need to brush up on your spelling and planning

…… and then there is the subject of personal hygiene

Well the snow keeps coming! The forecast snow for yesterday was only about 3-4″ but it was that very wet slushy stuff and with temps around the 30F its a real mess everywhere. More slides off the roof and digging out of the Men’s room, again, and Hypertherm was covered and collapsed under the weight. Still snowing and another 5″ on its way for tomorrow night.

We get another4″, there may have been more but it came down in blizzard conditions along with tree branches and anything else the wind could move. Another plough out and a bit of a break until the next round early next week.

Santa tells Rudolph he can stay for another year and shows him how he started the business all those years ago.

Of course he’s worth billions now.








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