With Christmas long gone and we trundle into March just time to reflect on all those decs that went up and those outside NEWBIES that the judges liked and won us 1st place yet again in the Town’s Christmas Lights competition.

NEW additions for 2015 were a new inside tree to replace the old fiber optic Walmart one which although still functional was beginning to show its age. The top of the line model which was pre lit with multi color bulbs arrived, was erected,  …….. but SHE didn’t like it ! 2 days later the replacement with plain lights arrives and all is well.


She likes it!


I love it

Outside, after much research, laser lights were ordered and they certainly give a pleasing effect but in my opinion they need a bit more WHOOOMPH! These are angled up in the trees  but you need to be fairly close to see their magic. One fails as the blue light stops working so the company send another and then say keep the old one so now we have 3.


Pleasing when close but hard to see from the road

My plans for outside also included the addition of decorating the Maple tree and using a bunch of the meteor shower lights which I thought were spectacular and will be increased 3 fold for 2016. By the time the Maple was having its lights put on Walmart and True Value had started selling off their light stock so plenty of reasonably priced goodies suddenly became available….. and as we will see for 2016 I was able to scoop up a LOT MORE when they were 75% off.


“by day and by….”


………. and by night ……. Noel, Noel……..etc”

Locally our Four Seasons nursery does Christmas trees and super ornaments and as the stuff is of such high quality the 75% off sale is really worth waiting for and we scored heavily on garlands and glass goodies.




Got to have your garlands!

Christmas nears, and so does judging Saturday. Being Saturday its pool as usual and also one of our long term Cozy guests is leaving. Pool  is fairly mediocre on my part but Brenda is in a last ditch effort to qualify. About 1 hour into the play our leaving guest pops in to say he has a flat tire and no pump and the gas station one is frozen. OK, back to the ranch and beat my way through the snow to the workshop and drag out the compressor having changed the end piece.

The tire goes up but bulges start appearing in the sidewall so we know that will explode within a couple of miles. Now we need to change the bloody wheel and its starting to snow! Finally after getting more sockets out of the workshop the wheel is changed and it accepts air. He is on his way, and I trudge back to the Riverfront in time to see Brenda make it into the money and secure 3rd place.

About 5.30 we wish Christmas farewells to all and make our way home in the snow. As the stars in the east herald “good will to all” and Cozy Comfort on the horizon I can’t help but notice that something is not quite right ? As Cozy comes into view the whole of the NEW display on the left side is out!!! HUMBUG !! and other expletives break the crisp night air. Frantic cable changes to other electric outlets continue but within seconds the circuit breakers trip and with bitter cold frozen fingers I’m forced to accept defeat as I can’t rectify this in the dark.

Sunday morning and the problem is found as I had put a staple through a cable causing the short. All that work …. !!!!! However comma the judges had watched the build all week and were sympathetic and gave us joint 1st place with the Coffee Shop and a pleasing $100 check.

Lets see what they liked

















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