The site has been made ready, the additions purchased and on their way so now it begins! HO, HO, HO!

By dawn’s early light its dreary and wet and the forecast is a 100% chance of rain turning to snow tonight so there won’t be too much in the layout department and I’ll be reverting to the “Wet Weather Program”. The weather followed the forecast to the letter and poured down with rain all day culminating in a thunderstorm at 4 in the afternoon and then a massive blizzard which covered the wet road and puddles and within 15 mins everything was solid snow!



Not what I wanted ……. yet!

Needless to say the day did not go as planned on the decorators work sheet but some more essential jobs were completed and I’ll be moving forward this afternoon as its all in full melt mode at the moment.

The Gazebo needs to come down and garden furniture moved out of the way before falling snow smashes it beyond recognition.

The boiler room where much of the outside soft furnishings are stored over winter was a complete tip so after rewiring the light work began in earnest. Everything out, mega throw away with all the section begins and ends boards that I made for the Escalante 2 Day Trials. Won’t be needing those anymore! Lots of gardening pots get the heave-ho and now I’m ready to clean everything. The room has been a magnet for spiders and the yearly cottonwood fluff that sticks to anything it touches. All the furniture cushions are now safely stacked and stored for winter.

Outside the two electrical trenches were dug ready for cables tomorrow, and finally the workshop was changed and handed over to Santa. First boxes brought forward, bikes pushed back for the season, and the big ladder in place, ready to unload the loft tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile the lighted gift boxes arrived along with the new Scuffy driver all ahead of their delivery estimates!


The NEW Driver

Wednesday morning and the loft treasures come down and with the aid of many zip ties they are restored and checked over for the 2016 season. All in place, now the trenches are cleaned after passing visitors had filled them in again! Cables laid and buried.  Hopefully out of harms way from the snow plow.

Well, here we are on Thanksgiving morning. Todays tasks, other than gobbling the Gobbler and drinking copious numbers of champagne cocktails is connecting cables and checking lights. The front bed and waterfall area will take priority. At this stage I feel as though I’m about 2 days behind schedule but I could catch up if I get a break and things come together.

Last remaining boxes of goodies down from the workshop loft, lights repaired and ready to go, the shivering polar bear up and working, a quick ride on the bike for a can of yams (not trials) and a quickie 1.52 in the book after a week off …… now up to 2031.22 and still alive.

After the “Feast of the Pass Out” and much giving of thanks, the body said that’s enough and I retired to bed. OK, Friday then, a new full day for me and now its “Internal” and all the new stuff from up in the loft. More and more every year but, hey its Christmas!


Once its all down Brenda will be on the tree and inside while I persist with outside and Christmas lights. Still a load more to find but I suspect they are in the office.

Complete chaos inside as boxes are opened, more lights checked and laid out. Front bed, rose bed and waterfalls all cabled up and working! Now I need to move on to “front of house” with ice lights down the fences, shooting stars, and the spirals around the five pillars. A quick check of the weather and the forecast is 6″ of snow over the weekend!!


Early morning repairs to more strings of lights but all done and ready to be put up. Too much stuff on the pool table so an early arrival at the Riverfront for some practice. Brenda has been on a roll the last couple of weeks and her game has improved a lot. Practice was no different and we were both playing pretty well.

The competition with 24 players begins and we are both going well with 3 wins a piece. With this number of players you need 4 wins to get in the money and 5 to get to the final. Brenda and I play each other for our 4th round and although I’m first on the black it rattles in the jaws and stays up! Brenda wins!!

Being on the loser’s bench I have to play Bob and then Tom and with 2 wins here  means I’m now in 3rd or better and must play the loser of Brenda’s 5th round match which will be either Brenda or Lauren who are both undefeated. Brenda wins again!  …… I now play Lauren and once again I’m first to the black but can’t make a huge cut. Lauren cleans up and now meets Brenda in the final. It’s certainly her day and she wins AGAIN!! 6 wins, no losses and FIRST EVER 1st Place. ……. and I can’t complain with another 3rd place and 2 winning chances  in my 2 losses.

Sunday, my last day of the Thanksgiving Break, which seems to have gone in a flash! Weather less than pleasant this morning but I’ll try for some outside work but its less than friendly! Several repairs to strings of lights but finally all working as they should. Put up the strings along the fences BUT,  the brain isn’t working in the bitter cold, and find I’ve been going the wrong way and now have socket to socket! Take it down and do it correctly.

Monday and snowing and very, very cold. No outside work for me, other than log splitting, and a double hip transplant for our NEW Santa as his legs are not working and he can’t do the samba!


Santa looks shocked when I tell him its a “double leg job”


The patient in the “ER”


It’s Serious!

Due to the timeframe and the task in hand after a discussion with Kris Kringle  a double “Legoctomy” was necessary but he should be up and about in a few days


Much better

…….. and at Christmas we always have nuts…… and here is one!







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