Yesterday was the last school bus drive for 2012 taking the Dolores BB teams up to Norwood for a competition. Either Cortez is not very good at sport or they stopped doing activities some time ago as I
haven’t been doing much for them of late. Quite pleasant driving a New bus with heaters that work,
new tires and a relaxing comfortable air seat.

The latest Dolores bus, a 71 seater from Bluebird

Two full weeks of nothing other than Christmas and a round of parties. More snow in the forecast for Christmas Eve which will freshen everything up for the day, so far their estimates are around another
8″. Bike wise I’m at a standstill as the Enfield and Superglitz require nothing other than riding……… and
I can’t see that happening, much as I’d like to. Time to sit back get the pinion logs chopped and enjoy
the fruits of my earlier red neck logging.

First the Christmas cook needs to get the fresh goodies, spuds, sprouts, parsnip, leeks, swede and
that turkey bird. Some decent cheddar and crusty bread to go with my new pickled onions then at least
I’ll be ready for the weekly game of Denver at home.

Daughter and granddaughter should have been with us this year but once again the visit was
cancelled, no further comment….. more Christmas pudding for me!  Supposedly son Edward is
coming next year with his new wife so about 360 days to go on that one.

The shopping run went as planned, all goodies collected, back in time for the Denver game and
more firewood humping. Now as I write its Christmas Eve morning and a few tasks to do prior to the expected snow. First job is to sharpen the Axe and get at the Pinion logs that I’ve been saving and
then once it starts snowing I can wrap a few presents.

Pinion and fir ready

Forecasters still saying 4-8″ on the way which will be pleasant enough as the current lot is just
starting to look dirty and scruffy. 4 pm and as the temps go down the snow is beginning to cover
things again, give it another hour and the roads will be covered. Not quite as much as they said but nonetheless it did set the Christmas scene walking to a party in the falling snow on Christmas Eve.
3″ on the depthomometer and now they are saying another fall around 8″ on Boxing Day.

Christmas morning 2012

But first time to enjoy Christmas. Fires lit, carols are playing and 3″ of fresh snow cover everything
for another White Christmas. Presents done, dogs walked and a full days logs brought in, time to
get my stuffing underway and prep the bird.

Yule log fires in stereo

NO driving today !

Bright and cold at Cozy post dog walking

Catering goes well, veggies prepped and ready in the time sequence, now its “dangerous cocktails”
and the duty run of phone calls both here and abroad. Christmas Vacation gets played again and no
matter how many times I’ve seen it it always makes me laugh.

Parsnips & Spuds, Swede, and Sprouts leeks & carrots

“Dangerous Cocktail”  time

Into the last 30 mins with crucial timing to ensure it all hits the table together and hot! Rest the bird,
roast the excess stuffing, reheat the pre mashed swede, sweetcorn, finish roasting potatoes and
parsnip, empty carrots, sprouts and leeks (saving juices for gravy) carve the bird and serve!

All my own work

Despite my love of Christmas Pudding there is no room! time for crackers and on with the old tear-
jerker “It’s a Wonderful Life” and see how George Bailey is coping this year. Yet more logs to keep the
home fire burning and a load more Hallmark movies.

Crackers pulled, silly hat and eyepatch…… Arrrrrh !

A U2 for me which crashed on its maiden flight

Better check with Kris on the weather forecast

“When my beard turns white it means its going to snow”

Current projected numbers; today 1-3, tonight 3-7, tomorrow 2-4, tomorrow night 1-2…….. glad we
have a ton of wood!


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