While I hold my fingers crossed, in the hope they don’t sell my No1 Car Choice, I will eventually get in the workshop loft and see what else I can find. This is another “chemo week” which I must confess I’m getting tired of even though it is supposedly for my own good despite my personal feelings. If only these bloody side effects would go away.

In Waiting up in Denver, oh please this time!

Another Winter Storm warning with 6-10″ forecast, although local weather says only 2″ so the roads should be OK for my Wednesday drive to Durango.

More workshop sorting and cleaning. I’m always surprised to find chrome plated chain tensioner arms that have been spray painted but what do I know. Paint stripper applied and I should be able to rebuild 3 of same tomorrow as I had 3 new blocks all ready to go.

Tuesday, another day closer, the weather forecast of 1″ overnight seems a bit off as at 0730 I’m seeing a good 3″+ and its still coming down!

A bit more than the forecast 1″ !!

Today’s mission 5 fold, with more blood letting, a trip into ACE hardware for some more sanders, much cleaning and rebuilding,  and get some stuff on E-Bay. Finally get a deposit on “No1” for my peace of mind.

Finally it’s stopping

1030, 5 ” on the rail but finally stopped and the roads are being plowed. Forecast says another 3″ during the day. No replies from the Dealership as yet, snow cleared off the car, so more or less ready to leave circa 1200’ish and hopefully back by 1300 and get on the other tasks.

Blood, ACE, and Peace of Mind achieved!!! What a relief! Even had a low ball at that “red” sweater and they accepted and now its paid for! Still trying to get some answers on some badges for the “Red Devil” as she will now be called. Oh,  I have a vacc, vax appointment for this Saturday, lucky me!! Now that’s a 100 mile drive that is definitely worth doing.

Yippee, first shot on Saturday.  At least it’s not like the Smallpox Passport Stamp with a branding iron that I got back in the 1950’s

Branded for life!     Made in the UK

On the market of E-bay this one, to match, Red Devil, was at $99.99 and I offered $65 and it was instantaneously accepted! No hassle. Flush with success I saw a silly toy, again on E-bay and popped another low ball of $40

This one looks perfect for the new toy

Couldn’t resist, I can see him now strapped in the back seat

By the time I had put this rain jacket on my Watch List I got an offer and snapped it up!

Still trolling, along comes a partner for the backseat so the car is getting full!

Back seat full, but they have videos to watch and individual picnic tables

But is just doesn’t stop, as yet another Spyder Sweater I had been watching suddenly makes me a low offer, and on a day like this I just can’t resist. Better stop now! What a day!

I’m getting spoilt for choice

Saturday, and Vaccination Day in Durango. However its. snowing, there is another Winter Storm Warning, and the wind could be gusting 40 m.p.h.  Better leave a little early!

Should be home circa 1600 and maybe get on with the workshop spares sale of the leftover Ty parts. I have cables, levers, clutch cases and a useable clutch, some engine cases, side stands, footrests up the wazoo and at least 5 chain tensioners, some yokes and triple trees, maybe some forks, wheels, brake plates and some HD exhausts, maybe some barrels and pistons. Not forgetting a box of axels, swinging arm inner units, and the carbon retainers, and shocks various including the so called “Magicals”.

The collection of car trinkets is coming to a close, as they say YOU can OVERDO it! Surely not ? Well couldn’t resist these, and I have more on my shopping list!

I remember my Father was a member, can’t recall what year he got up to but it’s in his memory and happens to be my riding number in the Scottish Days Trial when I was in my youth. It  needs a little repainting. My current number would be 57 !

1974 SSDT Edinburgh Cattle Market

From the same merchant a memory of the First of my Two Wars

Trying to find one for the Gulf War

Can’t believe this is a used item

Now what’s this?

It’s the Geico Gecko. The back seat is now full! 

No reaction from the vaccination, completely painless and quick. Some snow showers in the expected areas but a pleasant drive home, and maybe less snow in Dolores where it has been raining but all dried up now.

Sunday morning, the two Football Divisional Championships are on today so that takes care of a good 6 hours. Up at 0630 and about 1″ on the rail but in the first hour we are already up to 3″.














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