Time has come to start some projects and get my mind in order for the 2012 trials season which I will
be contesting with a new vigour and determination.

It’s currently snowing and my workshop is a **** tip with a LARGE amount of “her” gardening bits in
there!! Well clearly gardening and engineering are not compatible in the same shed so ….. pots and
bags are going to find a new winter home and the work bench cleared once more for fettling and

What a tip !

This lot does not belong in here

First up all the garden chairs need their soggy cushions cleaned off and stored to dry in the boiler
room along with 5 bags of top soil that have sat on the path since spring. Various plant pots have mysteriously gathered in front of my big tool chest along with bags of potting compost.

Wet and soggy into the boiler room to dry

With winter officially here the Beemer which has been in regular use through 2011 must now seek
shelter in the trailer and have it’s battery put on winter charge. Trailer is secured to the Cadi, as we
don’t want the trailer standing up (yes, you learn from your mistakes in this game) and then time to
wait for a break in the weather as the diamond plate can be pretty slippy with 850 lbs of bavarian
beast to ride in. The rain eases off and Beemer is stored once more. Method to my madness here
as in previous years I put it in the workshop but it took me 2 days to dig out enough snow that I could
turn it round and put it in the trailer to go to Arizona.

Time to put you into hibernation

Previous winters have revealed the workshop in not the place to put the
Beemer when “she” wants to take it to AZ in January!! 

A day’s digging to get it out

By 1600 I’m wet and cold and another two baskets of logs are humped upstairs so enough for one
day and a good start to winter ops.

Next week schools are closed for Thanksgiving so I should have a few days to think Christmas lights
and all the rituals involved as once again we go after the covetted town lighting prize. However I’m
mentally geared up to start work on the bikes and see how I can improve that gun carriage Enfield
thing. If only the front were lighter.

A lot of work to do here on neglected bikes

My trusty little chainsaw, purchased in the UK in 1976, is now refurbished and ready for logging
action, so with some pinion limbs and logs that were too long for splitting last year time for some
Christmas cheer in the fireplace to be different from our normal Aspen……. of which our stocks
(investment portfolio in these parts) are enormous!!  Might even try to burn some of that bloody awful
Cottonwood which has been drying for 18 months.

My 1976 saw ready to go

In Colorado a man’s net worth is judged by the size of his woodpile

All this for $30…… but wait theres more

Some aspen, pinion and that bloody awful cottonwood!

Meanwhile on the bike front parts have been sourced in the Canadian wilderness for the next project
and now they need to be ferried to the mainland. Might have to get Santa’s sleigh out which is currently
on lease to Fed-Ex prior to its year end seasonal run.

I wonder where this is going ?


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