The Guests arrive

With fall seriously upon us and winter waiting in the wings the annual “Closing the Shade Garden Ceremony”  was duly arranged, trustworthy guests invited, and was conducted in time honored

An offering to the trees is made

Taking in one of the last warm days of fall the table was laid, more cheeses selected and some
suitable bottles from our cellar offered up for the guests to savour.

The table is laid

Some selections from the cellar

Unlike last year they turned up on time and very soon bottles were cast aside as the tastings began.
With Brenda at the helm, no “light pourings” here!

“For what we are about to receive”

Much talk of the Napa Experience and tales from the garden with next year’s plans as wine was
consumed, music played, and the leaves continued to fall. Now all that remains is the rescue act to
save some of the plants from the second bout of frost which we know is just around the corner.

With ritual dancing completed and the guests now talking (I assume that was what it was) in their
own druid jiberish the Shade Garden is now officially closed until next spring when all those leaves
will be bagged and life and growth returns once.

It begins !

Definitely fuzzy !

By now things are degenerating fast and I fear our guests will not make it until nightfall and see the
Shade Garden lights one last time. In fact looking at things at this point some are not “seeing”

……… “and another thing”

……a little later…..

focusing is getting too difficult

All too soon the “fun police” arrive to put an end to all this merriment and debauchery, although
some did stay for a glass or two.

The fun police arrive to stop all this “wickedness and paganism”

“It was only some harmless fun…… honest”


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    During the long winter how about an article covering the aircraft you have flown and your opinions about them.
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