Sitting wondering why two ebayers have not paid only to find one is in Brazil and the other in New Zealand ! Well that answered that, so I’ll carry on listing and I now have 63 listings up for people to peruse and make a purchase.

Off to Brazil

Another Lazer helmet gets sold! Money from all my checks now in my bank and by 1115 I had managed to transfer the money to the dealer! So far the day is going well and I actually enjoyed a good reasonable nights sleep! Better be careful with the chainsaw this afternoon as we need a load of logs but I must say I’m very happy to get all the business issues done!

Paid at last, one week late, but DONE!

Would be nice to declare tomorrow a rest day but I have several things left to do and the world of ebay waits for no man! Still need to have my final rumage in the loft and see what is sellable but judging by what I’ve seen it all goes! Another Cup Cake Bakery deal is causing a problem, I do hope this is not another SCAM

A light dusting of snow overnight but I suspect it will melt fairly quickly. A good night’s sleep again so into town and see if I can get my 3 spare watches new batteries and also check on a little sewing I would like done.

My Breitling I bought at London Airport on my way out to Saudi

New battery required, and others in a Citizen and last one in an old Seiko, but they to could find their way onto Ebay. Then I want to find out about Sewing or Ironing patches onto the new Jag jacket which is satin.

Don’t want this melting! 

Bit of a change of mind here as I have “Pins” which will look neater and more professional. Do the Cup Cakes look genuine ?

Three have gone missing?

Meanwhile, I still have my two new cycling helmets to personalise so a nice period indoors laughing at the ridiculous lamentable Trump lawyers trying to come up with a defence. Accept INSANITY!! Well now we have a sudden change in the weather, yes, predictably it’s started snowing again.

Of course it would NOT have made any difference whether he was there or not as the Trump Arse Lickers are going to vote NOT Guilty regardless, of facts or testimony!

Two batteries fitted, credit card declined!     Over to Walmart for car essentials, snow brush, deicer, chamois, and a duster    ….. card declined AGAIN!! back to the bank ……. Manager does it all over and off to the outside cash withdrawal machine ….. and this time it works so I’m armed with a working new account card and a fistful of cash.

No word yet on when the delivery will be but we are under a current WINTER WEATHER ALERT and they claim 10-20″ of snow between 0700 Saturday morning until 1100 PM Sunday night. Methinks it should stay in a nice warm garage until these 3 mega storms clear out. Time to test fire some more of these Cup Cakes.

0900 and the snow begins, now 1330 and it has snowed all morning generating about 2″ in town but I had to go back to Cortez for the Valentine Orchid which is now safely home and in pride of place on “her” desk. Where do these Cup Cakes keep going ?

The Valentine Orchid

Only 6 ?????

By 1700 the balcony rail was showing around the 5″ mark and no let up other than changing from resort snow to snizzle and then back to the heavy stuff.

0300, another Cup Cake has vapourised! and now there are only two left, it has to be a conspiracy theory from that rude Trump lawyer, more religious cults in space with their lazer.The snow is now around the 9″ mark and supposed to continue until 2300 later tonight.

This is serious!

0700  and 12″ on the rail

Open Outside Dining for Breakfast

0700, now the snowmometer is showing a solid 12″ on the rail and we are confined to camp! The cup cake mystery continues as one by one they are vanishing, both the dog and cat have been questioned by the Police.

Wasn’t ME!

Was it you? no point in asking WE KNOW you are going to lie!

Now Sir, You say you can’t eat sugar, is that correct ? and you don’t know what a Cup Cake is ?

None! one of the great mysteries of our time

Well here is another one! During my 8 years on BBMF one of my sideline jobs was “upping the image” to match or exceed our other national display team, the famous RED ARROWS. Some lengthy work and very soon we were in Black Flight Suits, 2 per year, and nicely embroided name plates, insignia and NO more sew on patches! I also acquired, cosmetics, full luggage from Samsonite, Boelle sunglasses, and after flight evening dress wear of slacks, blazers, shirts and ties, and really top of the line German Leather flight Jackets in Black. LEST WE FORGET! I also took delivery of about 15 very expensive Irvin Leather Flight jackets that Wartime Aircrew were all issued with to combat the cold of high altitude and lengthy operations on the massed bomber raids. We wore them for  a few photo shoots but were far too warm for our summer display season. As you wait, with baited breath …………… ……….. …………

Here I am with PA 474 City of Lincoln, the BBMF Lancaster, that’s me in the Boelle  Sunglasses

and here I am again in an advertising campaign by an American Company now selling “knock off” versions of the famous Irvin Leather jacket. The Jacket usually goes a darker color closer to black and the tan sheepskin liner changes color to a dirty white but everything goes much softer with use. Needless to say this picture they are using is the ORIGINAL IRVIN and how they got permission to use it, as though its their product, is quite beyond me!

The Lancaster is real, so am I, and the Jackets were supplied by Irvin and I signed for them!





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