With fall upon us Brenda announces she wants to officially close the Shade Garden for the winter
months. The party will be on Monday and take the form of a “Cheese & Wine”. Well I didn’t expect the
recently acquired wines to make it to Christmas so no real surprises here.

The feast awaits…….

My tasks are simple, run into Cortez and get all the shopping and be ready to commence proceedings
at 2. All tasks completed, everything laid out out and ready to go by the appointed time.

Round 1

Nice cheeses

Fresh warm bread

The “to die for” blueberry chocs

Plan B is to scurry into the Lodge Room should it pour down with rain and Plan C is to press on
regardless should none of the limited invited guests show up. Predictably no body turns up and by
1530 two bottles of Merlot have hit the dust and the royal “WE” are in full swing and enjoying the feast.
Around 1600 the guests arrive and in short order immerse themselves in Napa’s finest.

Two bottles in, and going well

…..a little later

The fire is lit, guests arrive

By 1700 the party is in full flow, the fire is lit and the volume on the music is rising! The Rombauer
portish Zinfandel joins the empties collection amid the fast growing bottles of Merlot.

1800, the fire is burning brightly, a few lights have fallen off peoples christmas trees, the cheeses are
disappearing and so is the wine at an alarming rate !

The fast vanishing merlot

“It’s delicious !”

Enjoyed by all

As the mists of merlot, the bouquet of Napa, blend with the wood smoke of aspens, the participants
in this “Druidish” event become intoxicated with all growing things and dancing begins to celebrate
the great god of the shade garden, akin to being with the Oracle at Delphi.

Night descends over the Shade Garden

Mystical Druid smoke intoxicates all…….

Moved by the music

Some time later, we know not when, I am away in the well known land of nod.  It would seem that
during my slumbers the frogs and gnomes have tidied up, cheeses returned to colder climes, and
those bottles remaining re-racked for another day.

The scene tells all !


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