After weeks of stating I’m working on the rockery and the last of my frog layout still nothing has been achieved!

A start was made and in the process of shifting rocks I managed to lose one of my rings! The rockery is a now a GOLD mine! With some rocks removed the plans get a little clearer as I see a “Y” split has sheared off caused by either freezing or the fall of the sign. Need to get into town and buy some irrigation parts to redirect flow and beef up the volume.

Went everywhere in town, totally unsuccessful, ended up buying some heavy whipping cream and good looking strawberries and completely forgot to try some 32×30 jeans from Walmart!

Looks like I’ll be making the flow adapters myself. First I’ll try a dry mock-up of the rock structure and then add the water and see if the flow is pleasing before installing on the upper section of the falls.

I found a new access hole for the mini pool pump hose so now just rebuilding of the storm damaged area and fill in all the holes and cracks.

Replaced the broken “Y” and now easy to see where the flow needs to go. Going to deal with this area first then load up the upper level with some bigger rocks before my sandstone flow pieces and not forgetting the unusual “Death’s Head” rock.

Most unusual rock that looks like a skull when upright

Saturday and it seems we are playing pool ? Well that’s a pleasant change and as we had a 5 day break from school I still have 3 days left to get some more work on the rockery. Once I complete that task it will be back to some biking which has been in the doldrums since the cancer took over.

Sunday September 1st and today I’m at last on the Rockery!!!Finally some progress as various gaps and holes get filled in where the sign fell down. Redesigned flow pattern completed in stage 1.

The backside gets cleaned, another load of usable rocks get hauled up from the Brewery, and as Labor Day arrives I’m ready to finish the top level.

Redesigned top and sign damage repaired

A long day! plenty of trial and error with a “jig-saw” of rocks to select from as only the right one will do!

The jigsaw …… only the right one will do!

By 1800 I’ve had enough and with the last test of flows it pleases me and now I’m left with the final phase of placing the remaining pieces of rock and figurines tomorrow.

Last of the jigsaw pieces

An early ring on the bell this morning, 0645, and I’m thinking a bit early to be ringing ….. its the Director who has misinformed me about today which IS a School day after all…… no matter I’ll be there this afternoon!

Now its Chemo week again so I’m off to hospital for yet more blood work and the CT scan to see if there is any progress.



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