Hanna 100%    Trump Wall 0%

……. and the walls came tumbling down!

Looks like the Mexican Wall took an almighty hammering from Hanna the first of the season’s hurricanes and some large sections toppled over piece by piece in the Rio Bravo area …… better get those foundations done properly next time! (I told you before when the California section blew down)

Whose Wall is this ?   Looks like Stephen Colbert can get another book on the road!

Couldn’t help but notice that a little WH interference on the Covid numbers again today. All the news channels are saying over a 1000 dead for the 5th straight day but Donnie and team pulled it down to 428 ?  In Texas its “Triage Time” as they are out of beds so the sickest are being sent home to die. Of course it’s only a Hoax ….right ?

So the next few days people will be facing eviction to add to, no money, no medical treatment, and no food either while Munchin and the Dems argue over inconsequential trivia for the next few weeks. The question surely is WHY was this NOT put in a “ready to go” box if the situation did not improve with the disastrous re-opening saga, which would have been obvious to anyone with an IQ above single digits including Presidente Dumbass

Boldly Overconfident …… just doing what we are told to

This could take WEEKS

All because of the “strings”

Bouncing along side by side, or hand in hand, will be the school “will they, won’t they” ? absurd nonsense with no help whatsoever from a non caring administration. NONE OF THIS COMES AS A SURPRISE  and clearly the “It will just disappear crap” isn’t working either.

Plenty of distractions then to kick off the week, more meddling on the mortality numbers again…… the ridiculous invasion of cities by the Trump Private Army, Zero resolution to any stimulus package, and the School opening issue just left in another vague state of “what do we do now?”

The more I see of this “Federal Army” the more I believe that they are indeed Blackwater!

Pointing a 12 bore in someones face can hardly be because “You” were in fear for your life, and the tattoos are very similar to other Blackwater ads


The Stimulus as expected will take some time, maybe weeks, before any progress is made and in the meantime the situation will become DIRE for many unemployed. If you can’t see MORE Violence,looting, robberies and shootings then you are indeed blind.

Without entering into the Mask/anti Mask debate when amazingly members of the public still think this is a HOAX while others say their personal liberties are being infringed ….. all of whom need to get a grip on reality or get your dumb ass kicked!

Wear those masks in public you will get more than you bargained for! That should be 6 months in jail!

On the subject of dumbasses that brings us back to my favorite cherry,  Schools, where lots of Republican Governors are running on the Stupidity Platform once again

Certainly a Front Runner


So shall thee REAP !

…..and AZ still thanks you!!

Florida teachers SEE right through you…… 

Another very good question

Based on what you halfwit!

For America’s sake run for President in 2024, you HAVE my vote!

Just heard that the United Nations is taking a very dim view of Trump’s actions in Portland  ….. that would be interesting with UN blue helmets versus Blackwater Federal Police.

Meanwhile Donny is considering sending Clint Eastwood up in the Space Farce’s latest Craft “Pandemic One”   as they are equipped with the Super Duper Missile ……. ?????

Only to be expected!








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