That time of the year already, and my slice of Christmas Cake

Instead of the fairly regular yarns of daring-do about every three days, life changed fairly dramatically with a major debilitating bout of pneumonia. Two sessions of antibiotics  and a few visits to emergency rooms and doctors various and some sick days from work which has been a novelty and never been used before.

Well that was the end of September until we came back from Napa. Truth is I WAS VERY POORLY!! So after x-rays and some breathing performance testing I’m referred to a Pulmonary Doctor in Durango on 11 November. He tells me I’m poorly and the pneumonia  is gone, but I have Stage 3 COPD ………….. so I need to stop smoking or die!

Last cigarette about 1700 on 11 Nov and none since. I’m on one of these Advair disc puffers twice a day and these cost $25 a month or over $500 if you have NO insurance!!


$25 a month for life!

I’m also on nighttime oxygen until they can do a test to see if I’m getting enough oxygen in the blood before the brain cells start dying. All very worrying for sure but without the cigarettes I can feel an increase in energy and an improvement in breathing and fitness.


Bedtime companion

A month later and I’m back in Durango for further testing, more X-rays, and more of the breathing tests which remind me a bit of my flying days when we had to go to our Aviation Medicine Center at RAF North Luffenham for anoxia training and high altitude pressure breathing.

X-rays clear, and now for the lung functions and after this a final chat with the Doctor. He is very impressed that a 62 year smoker can quit cold turkey (and Brenda joined me 2 days later)……. he says he has NEVER seen such an IMPROVEMENT in his15 years in the field and my lung function has improved from 37% to 55% in 4 weeks which now changes me to COPD stage 1.

However 3 months being short of breath and feeling unwell has done zero for the blog. The last saga was Sonoma, and still to come the party at Pope Valley  ……. Thanksgiving …….. Christmas Lights………… Winter pool comps ……… and now Christmas week and New Year .

So that’s where I’ve been so now as the snow falls time to catch up on the backlog.


First snows


Getting serious!!





2 thoughts on “COMING SOON”

  1. Tony,
    Good man, I have never smoked so I don’t know ,first hand, how difficult it is to pack up. Marie did it some years ago and really struggled but is still a smoke free zone.
    The improvement over so short a period is astonishing, think what it will do to the trials performance.
    Continue the good work, you and Brenda hang in there,
    All the best for the New Year.
    Marie & Jack Knoops.

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