State Fairgrounds at Calistoga and without Rosa Klebb this year!

A cold damp morning in Calistoga after yesterday’s rain but the forecast looks good so time for a
rectification day. The fridge is off, no 12 volt lights either, and nothing on the monitor panel…….. great!
Wonder how the front tire is?? …… and I can hardly wait to open the trailer door and see the carnage to
the Beemer after yesterday’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus up I5 !

Well suck it up, it isn’t going to solve itself ! Out with the battery tray and before blowing everything
perhaps a diagram before taking off the wires. By 1000 the two new batteries are in and fridge power,
albeit small, is restored and now all the other services can charge the two new batteries to full power.

Diagram first!!

Tire has held the pressure and isn’t flat…….. so now lets survey the disaster area in the trailer…….
keys are offered to the houdini locks…….. one open…….. two open……. the drawbridge is lowered and
the first peek inside……..I don’t believe it !!! The Beemer has survived the ordeal and is upright…….
however, one of the helmets has somehow jumped out of the roof helmet box and closed the door
behind itself ??? My bicycle has a flat front tire??

A clean and happy “unbashed” Beemer to St Helena

The Beemer is unlashed and cleaned and the bike gets a new tube so all seems well. Today a
simple plan down the road to St Helena, a little bottleneck town, going down the valley. The place is
always busy but we have never stopped there so time to explore. In truth not much to explore as
revealed by a walk up and down both sides of the street where a ton of high end second hand
clothes are for sale. Not much here so back on the Beemer and retreat to Calistoga and find some
cheese and wine!

Normally chock’a’block with cars and tourists

Some impressive buildings

We find exactly what we are looking for and enjoy some “Red Tractor” vino at happy hour and a
cheese platter. Other things look good on the appetiser menu so dinner now becomes a walk
through down the appetiser selections. Mussels are up next and are spot on for our taste buds along
with the rest of the farmyard wine offerings.

Fantastic mussels

A little while later Rolf, a misplaced German, who has been here since 1965 joins us and invites us
to his vineyard over in Pope Valley, an area we rode through last year on one of our “bendy rides”. A
quick visit to the very nice town supermarket and we buy a bottle of the Tractor Red ATF we had been
drinking along with some french breakfast raddish that I normally grow at home.

……. now let’s see if it’s true


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