Saturday morning up in Moon country

Despite a reasonable night’s sleep I’m having trouble getting my act together but by start time I seem to be all there. Today is another Cub day, testing of the new pegs and hopefully a day without leaks!

The Trialsmasters have laid out 5 sections up on the “Moon ” portion of Turkey Rock and as it gets hotter than hell up there we are starting early and riding Sections 1-5 three times, then coming down for lunch and out again for sections 6-10 of the loops that will give us the daily 30.

Section 1 is a simple enough affair and features a steep uphill. Slow start over some bedrock then a full squirt up the steep part then roll off and idle up to the ends. Getting back down a narrow gorge wasn’t included but would have made a  good section great.

Section 2 has a wander around the edge of moon scape, staying away from the rollers, to pick up a variety of lines to cross over the bump, then left turn and pick up the line to the exit.


A wander with Ed, Section 2


Round the base and up the side


Down the other side


Peter about to go left and along the bedrock

Over on the far side 3 is fairly straight forward, in past a tree into left descending turn then cross roots and swing right uphill into full 180 left turn. Watch for rollers and debris to the exit.

Gentle meander through grass and bushes to line up for the climb of 4.  Stay to the right for a precise 90 left at the top over a gnarly outcrop which always takes a mark or two if you are not spot on line.

Another great descent to 5 but not included in the section. Section 5 has a few direction cards for us so take care not to get too close. A good start with 5 cleans in the bag so off we go again and a few mental notes. Take care with the power on the hill climb of 1. Slow and steady on 2. Hit the root on the 90 in 3 and position for a wide turn. Take a slow ride through the grass in 4 and remember the top turn is critical. Look at 5 for rolled in debris.


John shows a good line as I score


Simple clean

5 more cleans for the second loop and no problem moments. Cub seems to be going well both in engine performance and handling.

Temperature on the rise but not excessive so out for loop 3. See a few dabs on 1 and Ed has a nasty when it suddenly grips and flicks him off the back. A few more get lost on the tricky top turn of 4 but the Cub sails round and records 15 good cleans for the morning.


Section 5 for the last time of the morning


Enjoyed that!

Suitably refreshed and hydrated, along with a ciggy or two as its a non smoking outside day due to fire hazards. Our group is off to Section 6 which ED set yesterday. Down by the far gate we are on a left tape runabout taking us up the far side of the big rock and gulley which we have seen many times before. We need a brush cutter in here to see what we are riding over! The trials boot is good for many things and under the brush its all rock crumbles through a tight right left complex before gaining the upper plateau and setting up for a downhill adverse through the gate. Some people are getting in a real mess with 3’s and 5’s but with the right power and the reset Rockshocks the Cub finds grip for a pleasing clean.

The loop takes us to another old “tested & true” and today its downhill on a lower ledge and turn wherever you wish to come up and around behind the start with a series of steps to a sharp left turn and run to the finish.

The loop gives a pleasant workout en-route to 8 which is exactly the same as it was a few years back as the 2 line. Start in some rubble and then left between two giant boulders, flick right and up the right again on bedrock and set up for the final left turn around a tree. John gets a bit wild near the exit and bounces off two rocks but gets the front wheel through for the clean.

The long downhill portion of the loop is fun and cooling and leads us to 9 which is multiple choice with 3 obvious lines. Ed tries the high line and stalls, John takes the medium and loses control while Mike Becker and I take the lower for cleans.

Back at the start Section 10 is on a higher ledge and should be a simple follow the path, avoid the debris piles and rollers, uphill then concentrate for the downhill to the exit.

5 more cleans for me and only 10 left to do. Drinks and smokes but when we come to go out again, the heat, old age, and other factors have Ed, John and Peter saying they are done! Mike can hardly believe his good fortune and is assured of the win if he can just get through the last 10.

We do the last two loops of 6-10 with Mike losing about 8 for each circuit while I clean ALL 30 sections for the ZERO card.




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