Drink that and I’ll put you on the grill!

Back from Turkey Rock and being the beginning of June its time for the annual cattle drive straight
down the main road as 300-400 head of Colorado’s finest move to new pastures, one of them seems
to be our front lawn which was decimated last year and they also drank the pool dry much to the
annoyance of the goldfish.

Pool saved!

On the gardening front, the hours are long, the pay is awful and it seems never ending but at about 7
p.m. the taskmaster sometimes invites me into the “Private” garden for a beer. Tasks this week have
been the non stop weeding, lawn mowing and strimming, and trying to ramp up potatoes. 2 rows of
the three completed but its pick axe work in that new bed with a ton of rock lurking just below the

Walmart had a good selection of Fir trees that I wanted for the new “all season” conifer and heather
bed. Brenda told me they were beginning to look a little moth eaten and stocks were diminishing so I
duly went there yesterday and to my delight they were all on clearance sale at 50% off. 11 trees for $30
so now need to order about 18 heathers then cut the bed to shape and turn it all over prior to planting.

Plenty of “horsey” people around here so should be able to acquire a ton of the proverbial to enrich
the low grade rocky soil. I will need another ton of same when I get the fruit bush bed cleared and go
and collect some bushes from a local source on Craig’s List.

Need to borrow the dolly from the Hollywood Bar to move some giant decorative rocks. What used to
be achieved with the Bobcats and the Mexican Army is now a solo Charles Atlas endeavor but as I
have time on my hands it will get done. Reminds me of a giant Flint Rock I saw when out walking the
dogs at Andover in the UK. The flint was about a mile from the house and was really pretty with all its
little holes and moss and lichens growing on it. Every time I took the dogs out I would lift this Mother
which weighed about 80 lbs and carry it as far as I could until my arms gave out. Slowly but surely the
stone was getting ever closer to the house. Made me think what building Stone Henge must have
been like. Finally after about 2 months it was close enough to the house for the collection day and
was hauled onto the rockery to join other prestigious stones including pieces from Laggan Locks,
Pipeline and The Devil’s Staircase. I also had a piece from Mt Troodos in Cyprus and a few from
those miserable Falkland Islands.

2 rows of spring onions up along with 5 sequential rows of lettuce. No sign of parsnip, but all the
spinach is through, tomatoes seem slow to get underway and are fairly dormant at the moment.
Radish is on row 3 having harvested nearly all of row 1. The beans and peas that were started
indoors were an unmitigated disasters and went all leggy. The second sowing of beans, planted
directly into the garden, are all up and looking much stronger with dark green leaves. Second attempt
at peas will be sown today!

No sign of the replanted peas ?

Phase 2 on the runner beans

Ramping complete, new peas sown and another row of radish and the first spray of Miracle Grow
all done and then “management” allowed me to go to the Hollywood for some Friday afternoon
refreshments and a little pool practice. Today back to the grind with the fruit bed and a ton of
unpleasant weed,grass, rock and tree roots all to be pick axed out. Satisfying work when all those
clumps of weed and grass come out and along with their roots. It all takes time but hopefully the
results will be worth it.

Spuds a’plenty

Half way through the bed and if I put my mind and aching back into it I might finish it this morning.
Finally after another morning of swinging the pickaxe the fruit bed is finished. The new job of working
for the Bureau of Land Reclamation is over even if it isn’t my land!

What will be the fruit bed

What came out of the fruit bed

Fruit bed ready for planting

After watching the F1 race out to get the fruit bushes so now need some compost to dig in and get
them started before turning my attention to the long awaited “Heather & Conifer” bed out front which
will no doubt be another back breaking session with the only tool around here that gets the job done,
namely my pick axe.


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