Not storming beaches, but plenty to do as we finally have our building permit for the new balcony. From the following pics you can see that a couple of the main support posts have sunk, maybe rotted through, and over my 10 years of doing Christmas Decorations along the full length it has to be said that the last few years there has been a noticeable lean as the whole assembly is pulling away from the main building.

Lots to remove, irrigation, hanging baskets, swing, chairs, basket hangers, pots, axes etc

Coming away!

Sunday, cold wet and miserable and definitely a no riding day! Time to get going on the frontage to make ready for the Balcony demo coming next week.

Frontage complete and the crew turn up on Monday and soon have the new post holes dug and the old whiskey barrels trashed. Now we have to wait for an unknown inspector to check the holes before concrete can be poured.

It rains on and off all through the week and is very depressing and now mud everywhere. Today, Thursday, should be the last day of rain and the concrete footers do get poured despite the weather. Last ride was on Saturday so getting keen for a few more miles.

All poured despite the non stop rain

Nothing on Friday as we wait for the footers to harden up. Monday would seem to be the day for the big DEMO and then  the rebuild.

It begins and the upper doorway is boarded up lest we try to escape like lemmings. Saws and pry bars soon have the vintage balcony in the truck.

Getting serious

Nearly done

What balcony ?

All looking very bare but eventually the new wood arrives and pre painting begins. Now its even colder and raining again!

Next phase is the new big uprights and they have them in place and the main cross beams. Sometime later I look out again and the whole assembly has been taken down again ?

Next day and its all back up with some metal flashing over the back beam attached to the house. Cross beams are added and then we are ready for the flooring planks.

Back up and crossbeams in place

Planking in place

Ready for top beam and railing

With all the planks in place the upper balcony posts are fitted and then the top rail. Now for all the “noodles” or “pickets” that will stop cats and dogs from jumping to their demise.

“Noodles” are cut

Railings go in

Friday afternoon and all the rails are in place, just the step, the window surrounds and final painting.

Ready for finishing

As the “Greeks” (Ted’s team of workers) have left a mystery gift arrives outside the house and main gate of Troy ?

Looks like the “Greeks” have used all the old balcony wood to build this present.




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