“dashing around with a smoothing iron” ….. as it was F4     !!!

Beginning to think I’m becoming obsessed with this CAR thing as I survey car after car looking for all the things I like and want……… and of course the “thing” I’m likely to sit behind is the DASH which is very important to me! Hence “dashing through the lists, on a one horse open sleigh”

This IS exactly what I want and lives in here>>>>>>


Slightly older with different trim

Next up is the cheap XF with the super shine detailing

Can’t beat the bodywork detailing on this one

……. and I DO like the dash as well

Also pleasing to the eye

Some other trinkets have not escaped my eye and for those who can detect the bezel ring color? …… it seems to match?

Color wise very similar to the No 1 choice

Make it so!

Mucky morning in Dolores this Sunday with 90% chance of rain and snow, and we have had both already! No matter, plenty of GOOD football on today along with early season skiing of all varieties.

Need to get all the upstairs boxes back in the loft and wait for a dry day for the balcony decs.

Boxes all back up in the loft, upstairs and tree complete

Seems that the RR in California which was my No 3 choice has gone or I can’t get any sense out of the seller. However several more have popped up………

An anniversary model for something in the 2003 era ? Nice in candy apple and only 100 miles away.

OK as a cheapee

Not quite sure what the color is here? However, its down in the phoenix area, very pretty but maybe overpriced in my opinion.

…….. another one in blue with a pleasant inside and reasonably priced down in Phoenix

So, still plenty to choose from and the Shaq mobile is back again

Be patient !


















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