All sections identified and cleaned so only some minor loop clearing and marking and then both days
will be up and ready for tape and cards. The town complied with our requests for a NEW trials rider’s
bar to replace the burnt down Hollywood and is nearing completion after 3 months of steady work.

Day 2 takes place on the lower portions of Casey’s land on CR30. Spectator wise ALL sections are
within very easy walking distance of the road with Lost Canyon Creek bridge as the focal point. Section
12, “Honey I’m Home” will be the start area and there is plenty of parking for all.

The line up of brand new sections for Day 2 is as follows;










9.    PODIUM


11. SPUD’S


Day 2 Section Nameplates

Friday 19th July and time to finish off the Day 2 loop and add some tape. First a visit to the hardware
store as the sooper dooper brush saw handle came off in me hands m’lord!! Can’t work without one
and a bit annoying that such a good tool should break.  I have a couple of thick branches and trees to
remove and a load more saplings to pull up or trim to link all the loop together. Well its my lucky day
and they have had some more in and although I don’t have the receipt she remembers me, and it
does say “Lifetime Warranty” on the box  which should last longer than 3 weeks.

“It came off in me hand m’lord”   ……. however it says “lifetime warranty”
and they had another one

After lunch and a morning’s worth of weeding the skies go ominously black and the wind starts to pick
up so common sense says wait until the morning. I’m also told the Cortez Journal is out, but so far I
haven’t seen it. Better go and buy a copy and see if the new reporter was as accurate as last year
which pleasantly surprized me. Tonight being Friday I shall partake of a few well earned beers to toast
completing the 24 section mission.

Saturday morning and time to get out there and attend to details for my own satisfaction. Some more
sapling removal in Lost Canyon Creek and then remove some trees on the loop to get out of the river

Sections 1-5 now all linked together and out of the Creek and good path cut up to the Grassy Knoll.
The way back down might be too intimidating for some so I’ll be rethinking the loop across to Tin Can

Another hillside path hacked out of the jungle up to the “Grassy Knoll”

Sunday off as a rest day but this morning the printer has been busy at it churning out 24 section name
plates for your amusement. You might not remember the names but one or two might give rise to a

A few minor touches up at the top of the Graded Climb for those that make it and some tall branch
removal down in the parking area. I expect I’ll be out again with the strimmer for some more grass
cutting up at Spud’s and down the thicker parts of the loop……. but first duties on the home front with
mowing and yet more weeding.

A quick afternoon look at the remainder of the loop and what is required up at Spud’s or section 11.
Some debris removal, some bush trimming and a few rocks to roll to make it doable for the 1’s and
2’s. I think my first look was a little too ambitious!! May also need to trim the corner walls of the main
corridor in Honey I’m Home. I could take Superglitz in and check the bar width to see if it will or won’t.

First job get rid of the big branches down at the start and then bigger rigs can drive in so today I’m
armed with the long handled lopper and its friend with a saw on the end.

Branches block the way in for Rv’s

Task 1 complete with two big piles on the right

Up at Spud’s there are some changes to make and since I was last here some 8 weeks ago on my
initial survey the vegetation has been in full growth mode so my 30 mins became 2 hours, but the job
is done, and all the loop marking is finished on that side of the road.

Cut out, and a few “adjustments” at Spud’s. 3’s and 4’s exit over the bank stage left, 1 & 2 take on the trench

There are some choices of line when you get there

Over at the Grassy Knoll the loop has to be changed and all the previously cut and stacked brush
and branches all have to be relocated to allow the loop to bypass the section. An easy run down past
the 4 line start to the section and over to Tin Can Alley. An up and down loop cut and I’m nearly done
and now tape along the track to Casey’s Graded Climb. Another tree removed along the way but time
has moved on, I’m soaked in sweat as usual and its o’beer thirty again!

Tomorrow the Graded Hill exit and some personal touches on a few sections. Well a exit path was
found but I’d like something better so yet more work up there if time permits. Back down in the main
arena time for some entry and exit gates using the previous civilization’s debris

The Start gates at “Bottle House”

Section 5, “The Welder & the Picket Fence”

2 weeks out, and today one more look to see if I can find a “nicer” run back down from the top of the
Graded Hill. There has to be a way, its just that I’m not seeing it at the moment.I walked some likely
looking avenues yesterday but they ended in dense undergrowth with nothing rideable on the other

A very good afternoon’s work. Initial taping of “Spud’s” completed, but it will need a session with the
strimmer to clean it up. An alteration to a bedroom wall in “Honey I’m Home” done, and the Oregon
Trail discovered from the top of the graded climb.

Saturday mission after strimming the shade garden and weeding the arsebine creeper out of the
main front bed will be strimming Spud’s and carding same. More strimming on the loop to Honey I’m
Home and a bit of sweeping up glass where the vandals have smashed all the windows. Should be
able to card it while I’m there and then some branches to saw coming off the Graded Climb and toss
in some marker tape for good measure.

Everything completed as planned this afternoon. Spud’s becomes the first finished section of the
event, all the long grass removed, tapes, cards and fun artifacts added for that little “extra” touch.

Start gates of Section 11

Left side

Right side

4’s and 3’s leave the trench and go over the strimmed hillside

4’s stay low by the Sage and Rabbit Ears, 3’s have an adverse, then
between the cards

1’s up the rock, 2’s anywhere

Strimming along the loop down to Honey I’m Home and all the internal cards set. Need some outside
boards for the house frontage but just about complete.

Another climb up Casey’s and should you make it to the top and be ready for the descent you will see
these boards on the way down. Marking for the downhill is red/yellow and this is the ONLY place
where I’m using this. Perhaps this is a good place to re-explain the mysteries of a Graded Hill. We
don’t see them very often in this day and age as everybody seems to want to leap up 12′ vertical walls
and leap from one rock to another. Back in the 50’s and 60’s these were popular but as we didn’t have
2’s back then the marker boards were 1, 3, 5. Here is a picture of one I laid out at AZ Cycle Park when
Ahrma trials WERE very well attended.

Somewhere down at bottom left is the start gate and the name of the game is to get as far up the hill
as you can using everything you have. The score is determined by where the front wheel stops. So
from the start until you get past the “3” boards you are on a 5. As you ascend the hill and pass a gated
number that is your score. Make it all the way out through the End gate and you have the Clean no
matter how many times you have dabbed, scrabbled, or worked those booties like a centipede. Some
hills like this one in sand can pack down and get easier, loose rocks and shale can get worse.

This is it, with a climbing “S” turn just out of shot

When you have your breath back you will see this

Left turn into a short steepish bit

Once down to here its plain sailing

Easy run out


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