Yet more snow !

Having had the main area of the RV park plowed out it is time to do some digging to rescue my trailer
and the RV and get them in an area where we can escape to Arizona for the 2010 Buckeye Bonanza.
Ed and Evelyn are planning their great escape around the beginning of the month to seek warmer
climes and get a duty visit in to Tuscon. Not sure at this point whether Hugh Campbell and his wife are
accompaning them as last year. It certainly made for a very pleasant layout team and we had the place
set up with 24 sections well ahead of schedule without any of the “Wouldn’t it be better if…..”  type
comments on every section.

1st plow

The first plow by Lloyd resulted in one of the electric stands getting bumped and much flashing and
sparking until it tripped it’s breaker! That of course resulted in the “heat tape” having no power so we
now have no running water to that site and will patiently wait until the thaw when it will no doubt leak,
and then there will be running water everywhere!!

Thanks Lloyd !

The second plow was with the big machine we used last year so at least I can SEE my trailer but I still
have a bit of digging to do to back the car in and drag it out as I can’t open the rear doors to get at
Brenda’s machine and the gun carriage Enfield. Then more digging to beat my way to the workshop
and get the tools loaded.

The Workshop is in here… I think

With departure only 3 weeks away time to get the trailer out and get inside, usual ritual with Brenda’s
Yamaha of draining old fuel unblocking the carb and gas tap and getting it ready, should she choose to
use it. Without this pre mix both the Enfield and Cub can work on old fuel but once you do one might as
well do them all. The Enfield just needs a bit of spit and polish and she is good to go. Maybe come
down one more on that main jet but that can be tested in warmer surroundings at Buckeye.

Some digging required

A little bit of a thaw starting but it won’t last for long and in itself is problematic as the melt usually turns
to rock solid ice and makes the shovelling even harder. Time for the semi annual haircut as I can’t see
out and I shall persuade the hairdresser that I’m Samson and don’t want it all off, just a serious trim will

With temps up the shovelling began in earnest and now I can see the trailer wheels again, so providing
we don’t get another foot of the stuff I should be able to get some pre Buckeye servicing done on the
bikes and crank the mighty Safari engine back to life.

Just renegoiated my 2010 contract with Brenda who proposed a Cruise in exchange for all the
“wish list” motor cycle weekends. A very fair compromise in my opinion and one that I had no trouble in
reaching for the pen to give my full agreement. The last time a cruise came up was when I was in the
Falklands and for those personnel who had survived the 4 months in “You have to be joking land ?”
it was a very pleasant return to normality as you returned to Ascension Island aboard a luxury liner.
Sod’s Law my boss at the time insisted I be flewn home all the way from Stanley to the UK, so I missed
out on 3 weeks at sea in the lap of luxury.


P.S. Another 9″ overnight and forecast for HEAVY SNOW until midnight with more on the way!

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