It ran the day of the Photo Shoot

The joys of owning and building vintage motorcycles are a mixture of pleasure and frustration.
The Royal Enfield that took so long to rebuild, and was running well just the week before the
AHRMA opener, then refused to start!

I changed nearly everything I could and finally had to admit defeat as everything pointed to the

LUCAS Racing Magneto

There will be a prize for the first person to guess who makes the Magneto. Correct! our old
friends at Lucas. Well here we have one of their finest pieces, made with “watchmaker precision”
and so proud of it that they don’t give it a number that is readable when fitted……just a green
label which says “Lucas Racing Magneto”. Following the Jim Carey film “Dumb and Dumber”
I have a Lucas Mag which goes along the same lines with one HUGE spark and then fades away
on subsequent rotations……. “Dim and Dimmer!”

A lot of questions and “think tank” at AZ Cycle Park and after consulting all the “Gurus” and after a
lot of cleaning and further experiments it’s time to give in as the 48 year old Mag has had it. Next
problem is how do I get it off ?

Don’t assume…. time for some more advice as my knowledge of the Oilfield is pretty minimal and
any mistakes with old iron could be expensive.

Ring Hitchcock’s in the UK and speak to an expert who tells me the way to proceed. Special tool
required as the Mag has a tapered shaft so I need a puller similar to a flywheel puller. While
ordering might as well get a new decompressor just in case the current one isn’t seating correctly
and I might as well get yet another fuel tap as the 1960’s brass continues to leak!

Guess the size of the Allen bolt ?

It all arrives inside a week and now its off with the timing cover….. try every known British allen
key that I have and none fit……. try all my metric ones and they dont fit either as 5 is too big and
4 is too small. ……I wonder, yes it’s a 4.5 metric the tool we all have!!! Well as I have worked on
Montesas, who specialize in odd ball metric sizes I do have this very tool! Entry to the “Chest” is
accomplished and here we have a collection of cogs all meshed and driving whatever before
turning the last one that pops out the cuckoo at the top. In goes the puller and the job is done
…. undo the strap (primitive) and lift off the mag, which just sits on some locating studs. Oh, Ho!
on the underside it says KR11 !

Cogs, and wheels like a Bavarian Cuckoo Clock….. wonder what they all do ?


This “thing”, about the size of a can of baked beans, weighs 6 lbs !!! So last Saturday it started
it’s transatlantic holiday to go into “rehab” in the UK where it will be condensed and rewound and
hopefully reappear in time for Diamond Don’s at the begining of April. In the meantime I will fit the
new decompressor, and the fuel tap and then sit and wait again.

Tony Down     with a sulky Cuckoo

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