The first Glitzmobile has several outings on the CAT circuit and improvements are made as more
and more knowledge is gained. Carburation is the main cause for concern as there is a lot of
plug fouling and irrespectve of needle settings a lot of four stroking at high altitude above 7500′.
Changing over to a new Mikuni and new reeds which need smaller jets all is good and the 70’s
air system gets junked in favor of the Uni air filter. Arizona fuel is a variable feast and you must
run with an “in lne” filter to prevent the pilot jet from getting plugged.

I now work on a “every 3 ” principle and that means cleaning and a good blow through to
ensure it works as I want it. I never use the clutch in a section so I need the engine to come to
the stall and then be able to pick up and make that step without hesitation. With the lowered
gearing, 12 is perfect, 11 just a little too low unless you constantly blip the throttle, the carb
must be spot on so know your trials area, make notes and adjust accordingly.

On downhills never have the back brake done up too tight, as a costly 5 will be coming your way,
use engine braking and light front and all should be well. If it’s really steep and you have to
change the game plan then you can always tighten up the back but slacken it off afterwards.

Modern day tires are of course a delight but being softer remember to run them at the correct
pressure for you and your bike. Too soft and the center of the rear will push in and not be in
contact with the surface which negates the reason for letting it down in the first place as you
were trying for the maximum “footprint”. I normally run between 5-7 lbs and you can always
check if there is a nice firmish spot of mud at the start. Ride through and see what the tread
pattern looks like. The front more or less follows the same rules but will also be dependant on
your handlebar position. Forward, faster turning, rear less weight might plow in the turn. I find
for my weight and stance about 6 and 1/2 is the number.  Don’t forget to check them at he start
as altitude will make a big difference!

175 or 250 ?

First AHRMA Outing

The Glitz gets her AHRMA debut at Wittman and despite the chaos of the event (see the AHRMA
experience) I come away with a clean card. The sections did seem very easy and if memory
serves me right some of the CAT members had laid out the sections only to have them altered on
the day of the event as they were considered far TOO HARD! I suppose they may have a point
for some of the more venerable steeds but overall I think that AHRMA generally has the balance
about right. If you have a beautiful old bike with limited capabilities you certainly don’t want to
ride it over dangerous or impossible sections. Once again the key word is enjoyment, so a 25
point card on a 79 Yam on the 1 line can be just as satisfying as a 10 pointer on the 3 line on a
1956 rigid James or AJS.

Great sections at Holbrook

Everywhere is a section at Holbrook… Fantastic!

The rest of the season was on the CAT scene with 8 rides, 7 wins and one second. Most noteable
were rides at Holbrook for our 2 Day event and in particular a Muddy Section! Hooray, 2 dabs and
a great clean powering through a deep slot wiggling the bike left and right to get the side knobs
on the rear tire to bite.

Top of the Drop Payson

A big drop and climb at Payson, Jones Crossing (they haven’t used the section since) A run round
some rocks after the start then a very steep downhill into a left turn and then a monstrous climb
back up in loose pine needles and soft dirt, a real joy of delicate throttle control to find traction
and keep the front down!

Down the Gulley Alto Pit

Spot the rider competition Alto Pit

Same Section

More fun at Alto Pit

Another that stays in the memory banks was a huge fallen tree which I had severe doubts about
but shouldn’t have worried as Glitz made nothing of it, even though it worried me.

Another big log Crossing at Payson

Had my doubts about this one , but 3 cleans

Well Glitz1 gets sold and Glitz 2 or SuperGlitz is built as a replacement and becomes a fantastic
machine and carries me to 3 Championships.


Don’t forget there’s lots more to look at in Archives Oct/Nov/Dec

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