With the Mountain West Trials Series now in full flow we are really into our busy period with Turkey
Rock, Dolores 2 weeks later and then a brief 3 weeks until Casper which as you all know is my
personal favorite.

Well lets see what SW Colorado has to offer for our Escalante 2 Day Trial. Many people asked why I
chose to do it the same weekend as the Town’s Escalante Days Festival.  Simple really it just adds to
a fun weekend and we will get to ride our unregistered bikes through the town killing several birds
with one stone.

Home sweet Home,  Cozy Comfort in full summer

Our start venue will be the Cozy Comfort RV Park and although in peak season we should be able to
fit most people in but BOOK NOW or you will be on internal power only  but water, hot showers and
dump facilities will be available.

A shade garden beer awaits

Assuming all route and section marking has been completed by lunchtime Friday 10 August  O’beer
thirty will be declared early and we will be drinking in the Shade Garden.   Saturday an early sign up
between 0800-0900 in the CC front desk area or Lodge Room and then a short ride down Central Ave
to join in with the town parade…. might even get our newly elected DA (Will Furse) to join the fun on his
new Gas Gas.

The Parade stops at the Town Hall

“Many horses come this way Kemo Sabe”  ….. The Town’s fire service
closes the parade with bells, sirens, horns and whistles. I think we should
be just ahead of them

With the parade done we will be free to ride down the dirt road CR28 to our real start area at the Town Cemetery Parking Lot. Once there we will brief the running order and start sections for our 3 loops of
the now 12 sections. Its a very short loop so we should all finish early and be able to get back into
town (1/2 mile) and join in the fun of the last chain saw competition outside the Hollywood (town bar)
….. or if we are later it will be the arm wrestling comp which is definitely worth watching!!!

The annual mountain bike race gets ready

Chainsaw competition outside the Hollywood Bar

The ladies arm wrestling competition…… not to be missed!

Sadly we will now all be prisoners in the 2 bar areas (bummer!) until the Mountain bike comp is
finished and they use Central Ave as their finishing sprint to the line. Well never mind there is always
the Duck Race on the river which pays 1st,  2nd,  3rd and last place sometime in October when the
river goes up and your trapped duck is released.

The Brew Pub opens at 4 p.m.

Dancing the night away on the Brew Pub patio…… yes those are “real”

Sunday we are at the Town Dump area about 2 miles from Cozy Comfort so we can either load up
and go or double up on trailers with extra bikes for those staying Sunday night. Another 12 sections,
all singles today and perhaps a bit more variety. Another shortish loop so we should finish fairly early
and be able to get the long distance people away on their return drives.


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