Almost there

With trinkets, badges and fluffy animals on their way now time to get on with the motorcycle spares parts and recoup some of what I’ve spent.

Monday morning, snow overnight, and the Winter Storm warning gets extended another full day. Poor night’s sleep, not sure why but the changeover of the chemo cocktail and steroids may have upset the system. Overall, though, I felt an urge to do more over the weekend so that was good. Today absolute Zero! However I did buy front and back license plate holders for  Big Red.

This one is for the front and I’ll put my campaigns up on the grille

and of course I was out in Saudi for Operation Granby, Desert Shield, and Desert Storm along with Enduring Freedom

On the back where I will be having some of my “gold” things I bought a rather nice brass number plate holder which I will have to buff up and then varnish a couple of times

Should keep me busy

Another I couldn’t resist was the Veteran Motorist badge which my father had and changed the number on a yearly basis. I like 53 as it was my riding number on the Yam in the SSDT in 1974

Needs a little repainting

ME on 53

I have had my eyes on a Jaguar watch and also this one which is a bit flash, but cheap

I haven’t ordered this yet as it may be another of those scams, seems its another No1 SCAM

This will be the center piece but there is another one I like a bit more but the site owner is away and his store is closed! 

It just says it all for me

Too cold and unpleasant to get in the workshop today but it will be the No1 priority tomorrow as without further exploration into the loft I have already identified over 30 items I can put on E-Bay so the camera will be must tomorrow getting everything shining and ready to list.

and still snowing

1130, and bright and sunny! It was ZERO at 0700 this morning and crisp and crunchy but we have now made 36F and things are melting and dripping.

Time to get the act in gear with some washing and scrubbing of a few items and a lot of camera work for the afternoon. First up clean some paths and make some others so that I and the feral cats can get in and out of the workshop. One full load of E-Bay goodies in the laundry room sink soaking so time to start scrubbing and see what I have.

Pathways cut to the Workshop and the last of the Woodpile

Running out of firewood so a lot of time spent brushing snow off wood before it gets too wet to burn. Not much left in the main pile but I have a reserve that will need a day or so with the chainsaw.

Quite a lot cleaned so onto the photo session tomorrow and just maybe get up in the loft!

Well the plan didn’t quite make fruition but an awful lot of spares were cleaned, polished and brought over to the photo shop where battle commences tomorrow.

Friday, and another 4″ in the forecast for tonight, but then its clear for the next week. While all the cleaning and preparation is going on a few more items arrived. The red Jacket which looked good and claimed to be my size says XL but is either a woman’s or a youth model. No matter, will sell it again, and while looking found a better one !

Let’s try this one and although I’m not big in jewels and pins there are some that I just seem unable to resist

Nice jags

King of the jungle

and just to prove its not all about the car I had said to myself I need a couple of NEW cycling helmets for the coming year after my 16,000 miles and my Lazer has lost the buckle so this $300 Helmet from Kask was a sure bet at $110.00

Even comes in USA colors. These are great helmets as worn by the old SKY TEAM and with any luck the Yam spare parts should cover all my wild indulgent expenditure

The Helmet has arrived today along with the last back seat occupant so we are full on the car front as the other two passengers are here already.

Steve over in CA has just scooped the pot with a truckload of spares for his collection of Yams and the Cub so now I must check on shipping costs and compare USPS and UPS to see who gets the job.

Time has flown by and now I could be only a week away from having the RED BEAUTY sitting outside. Perhaps Red Devil is not a good  name so how about BIG RED which we can associate with GOLD mining.

After dealing with Steve’s list and a spot of haggling we ended up with a “job lot” of parts for a handsome sum of $350.00 which is a nice start and then I get round to some listings. No sooner complete 7 and one item sells! Total for the day 377.53 and another item has a bid.

Well all 3 Yamaha front brake cables SOLD within 24 hours, methinks  I should have been asking a little more ? No matter I’ve now got 40 active items on E-Bay and haven’t even scratched the surface.

Well I did have,  during the course of the day the less than Magical rear shocks got snapped up and a chain tensioner block has also gone! Total for the day, another $150.00 and I still haven’t got up in the loft!

All 3 of these sold in one day!

The less than Magicals at $110 !

OEM Chain block for $10.00

Just when you think the day is done the Rear Brake Pedal Mount sells for $30.00 and a jacket from my first batch back in early December sells at $45.00 giving a new daily total of $225.00, and with that I went to bed.

I have some more of these

Hardly ever used this one

6 items to get in the post today, must be another selling record, so without fail I’ll be up in that loft later this morning.










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