From an old RAF Flight Safety poster “Don’t assume Check”

Time has rocketted by and now the departure is imminent!  Final checking of articles and equipment
and now with the long range weather forecast at hand there are a few changes that need to be made
to ensure life is pleasant. The forecast is rain, rain, and then more rain all accompanied with a nice
crisp 20 mph wind!

Brenda has completed her survey of other hotels in the forlorn hope of finding a “smoking hotel” but
has failed to find anything so the original plan stands. Final booking of the hire car will be done today
and it looks like the cheapest is Hertz using my old age AARP card which knocks off a healthy chunk
and almost gives us an “uprade” to a nice Jag or Merc C180 for the same price as a Ford Mondeo.

One of these maybe ?

Or perhaps this one ?

As for clothes and riding gear there are going to be a few changes in view of the weather! Out goes
my multi colored riding jacket (which she doesn’t like anyway) and in comes the enduro BMW jacket
with all its pockets. All a bit like F1 with their tire changes so we won’t be taking “slicks” just
“intermediates” of old XC-ting pants and the Beemer jacket, and “full wets” with the BMW rain suit and
Spyder thermal ski jacket underneath. No change in the boot department with the old red Sidis and
the new sealskinz inside. Gloves are a nuisance as most get soaked and shrink and others are too
bulky for trials riding. I tend to ride most trials without gloves but might go for something intermediate
between the sections. …….. and almost forgot the old towel round the neck. As I wear sunglasses for
riding this might change with a set of clear goggles although I can suffer a few miles on the road with
stinging cold rain I’m sure. With all the kit out, it seems to fit, and now I’m going for 2 sets of everything!
No point in starting day 2 cold and with wet gear so pay a little extra for the airline bags and be

No point in going full throttle on the evening attire as space will be limited, no hair dryers etc for
Brenda, just use the in house stuff and I think my cordless razor will do a week. Boots are polished
(a gentleman never starts with dirty boots!) helmet has been washed and foam cleaned so we are
ready for final packing. This morning’s long range still shows rain but now mostly o’night so things
are looking up.

All the riding gear, now 2 sets of boots, went into my old RAF Aircrew holdall so just ordinary clothes
to go in the other 2 suitcases and I’m ready. Tube and tire/tyre changing kit all went into the
Camelback and the wet jacket went into the Outlaw belt. A selection of tools also went in the belt and
I’ll be down to borrowing an adjustable for the wheel nut when I see what size they are.

A few more looks at the weather and over Sunday it appeared to have gone from heavy o’night rain
and lightish rain during the day to almost pleasant and very acceptable with good weather and no rain
for the full SSDT. Either the tea leaves or seaweed must have been moved last night as this morning
its back to GRIM and GRIMMER ! Oh well, as they say its the same for everybody, and its only 25
miles a day. I always used to relish the “bad days” in really nasty conditions as when everybody else
was giving up and thoroughly pissed off I could sometimes excel with sheer bloody mindedness, so
perhaps I’ll see if I can find that determination that must be locked away in the dim recesses of the
Trials rider’s mind.

16 hours until we leave so last minute preparations and then the Adventure will begin!


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