Saturday November 5th. Guy Fawkes Night in the UK and an election here in the US to follow next week. I have little to say about the election other than to express deepest sympathy for the country as a whole as neither candidate seems worthy to take on the office.


Untrustworthy Liar or Political Buffoon?        What a choice!

The weather this morning is rain, and then more rain so a bit of a classic tale for Guy Fawkes night with memories of damp fireworks and village bonfires that wouldn’t light and something of a similarity with the new TV series “Designated Survivor” which shows what might have happened had Guy got it right back in 1605!


“Penny for the Guy”  ……. and then we went and bought fireworks

guy fawkes

What guy Fawkes wanted on the State Opening of Parliament


How he is remembered to this day


The enthralling  new TV series Designated Survivor


Never mind, as Hallmark reminded me we are only 50 days out to Christmas and having watched, and enjoyed, the first new film of the season the Christmas Good Will Button is now firmly depressed. All thoughts now turn in that direction as we spin through the last hunting seasons and my thoughts turn to Christmas decorations and the Town Prize!

My list is all mental so far but is taking shape. Early purchases were more of the “shower lights”, back in July when they were cheap, and a couple of cuddly toys to go with Santa’s helpers in the back of Scuffy who will get the full treatment this year. 4 of the “Santakins” family were purchased this week to help out and now I’m looking at the lighted gift box sets to complete the picture.


Some of the “Santakins” helpers


Lighted gift boxes at outrageous prices!!


That brings us to the “AD” ……… and I shall be interviewing suitable candidates for the open position of Boat Driver, Water Sleigh Operator, etc, etc. Brenda would have volunteered but with the onset of winter might have frozen overnight. Currently there are quite a few applicants in the 5′ 8″ to 6′ range and some can be seen in their resumes and past portfolios for similar seasonal jobs.





Cheapest of the bunch from Walmart with MP3 player adapter

Brenda joined the Interview team and our final decision has been made although there are a few late candidates popping up on Ebay.




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