12/17/19 and its cold! Temperature on the Bank sign as  I drove past at 0600 was 3 Degrees F and on my return at 0800 it was 1 F …… and that’s  COLD!

Down from $19,999 to $17,682

The No 1 Jaguar on my list dropped another $500 and finally I got a message to say the Shaq RR was still available, and this one has been on sale since I first started looking back in October.

$10,000 or best offer

Well that’s all good news, all I need to do today is find my British Ski Instructor badge that I took off my jacket before its planned wash. Emptied the pockets, and its missing!

Now Wednesday, and colonoscopy part ll, drunk all the fluid, two days without food, so I’m looking forward to some lunch when this is all done.

Well done pineapple!

The rotating pineapple  works it’s way through and after only 30 minutes the job is done. Dr Maddison says it all looks good all the way so time for a nice lunch at Ocean Pearl.

and thoughts of Christmas pudding

Day off from medical stuff tomorrow so maybe I’ll find my badge ? Then Friday drive the School run in the morning and zoom over to Durango for the dreaded banging and crashing of the MRI and finish off with a CT scan to complete the day and the 2019 school year.

More banging and clanking!

Couldn’t find my badge! so that just leaves D11, my normal bus, which is away undergoing repairs. Having published an earlier article with the “overpriced” RR someone suggested it was ME, ME, ME! so I invited the current owner to give me a better price and as a starter he came down $2000 just like that!! I haven’t even entered the race yet or given him my first offer.

Color still unknown … needs the CHROME grille

Over to Durango at 1200, nice easy drive with a few idiots who don’t seem to understand traffic lights and go straight through on RED even after stopping!!!

The hospital deal proceeds as planned and I’m finally out of there at 1630. it has to be said the Durango MRI is much nicer, quieter and even comes with a sound deadening headset…… what a difference.

Now we wait to hear the surgeon’s opinion and when it will all happen.















One thought on “DROPPING TEMPS & PRICES”

  1. Hi Tony, we are pleased to hear that you have finished the chemo and have our fingers crossed for the results.
    Wishing you and Brenda a peaceful Christmas, Mouse

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