Last ride in competition, Sandia 2008

What you are asking is an Enfest ? Good question, it is that absurd desire to ride an obselete
premier very heavy heavyweight 1960’s piece of vintage trials iron ( British of course) and piss off all
and sundry !

Friend and fabricator Ray Iddon has risen to the 2013 challenge with the recent acquisition of my ex
Don Morley Trials Bullet. Ray used to trundle round the Ahrma scene on a very nice 410 AJS  and then
the series of  “One Trick Cubs”, the original of which is currently being ridden by Dan Straka and a
whole host of similar parts being out and about on my No 1 steed…….. and more to come when I get
round to rebuilding it in the very near future.

Ray on “The One Trick Cub” Chehalis 2008

Dan Straka with OTC

Ray collected the Royal Oilfield a few weeks ago when he dropped of the latest round of bits and
after the “Right said Fred” sequence of taking things off it was in the back of the Volvo (amazingly!!)
and on its way to CA.

Home in CA, “now where did I put the chain ?”

I wasn;t sure what Ray’s intentions were for the old girl, whether a “sell on”, or some  heavyweight
trials riding on the Ahrma circuit. A small change or two here and there and he is off to a local PITS
event called “The Cow Pile”

Interesting hazards

Hope you like logs

Seems he does


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