A good ride last time out at Sandia in 2008

There is no doubt in my mind that I can ride this monster but nearly every time I go to an event I elect to
ride the Cub. Well I have to do it sooner or later and take on the likes of Derek Belvoir, Rob Poole and
the rest. So now having missed the next 3 rounds of the Championship with 2 out for Oklahoma and
another year without a shrimp Po-boy and a train ride round the bayou at Diamond Don’s I need to
consider where 280 lbs of Brit Iron can come into its own.

First event at Milliken for a zero card

Perhaps I need a lot of practice on this one, it handles well enough and despite my reservations it
went over all the big logs and rocks that have ever been put in front of it. If it were 50lbs lighter I don’t
think I would have any second thoughts but it sure is a big mother!

2 Days at Donner for the loss of 1 mark

So now its her turn for a mechanical once over as she hasn’t had a ride since Sandia in 2008. To
her credit she sailed round that year for 7 Championship wins and only lost 7 marks in the whole
season. The Ossa VM 26 needs a good clean and I know the pilot is blocked but it started easily
enough on the old fuel. Still need to get it to rev out at altitude so with the carb off time to fit the 90
main and see if that does the trick here at 7000′. That should be ideal proving for Cotopaxi which is
“Up” there and may still have some snow come the end of May.

Lego Land at Casper and it steers well with the short wheelbase

Wet and muddy Day 3 at Casper

Should Donner be back on Brenda’s shopping list then the same settings should be good there
and there will be no excuses for poor running. Must fit some new plugs of the “4” kind as both the
Cub and the gun carriage are demanding on the spark source.

A quick once over and some dusting and she is looking better already. The decompressor is a two
service part on these machines being a good smooth way to brake on big downhills in slippery
conditions and also the only kill switch for the engine. like all decompressors the drawback is the
mess they make as all the excess sprays out all over the head and fins of the barrel.

Decompressor leakage spoils the effect

The seat was designed as a push fit so thats off in a flash and off comes the podded air filter which
has its own neat support. To get at the carb for normal running there is no need to remove the entire
unit as there is plenty of room to remove the bowl and get at the jets, however today I’m taking it all
off to check for all the gummy deposits. This involves removing some of the frame connecting bolts
as the top of the engine is a pretty crowded place on the Oilfield. With 2 bolts removed and the
coupling plate turned the carb is off and cleaning can begin.

The stainless frame plates

The “crowded” top of the engine

As expected the pilot was yukee and now time to change the main. The lowest one I previously had
was the 110 and the new one I thought was a 90 turned out to be a 100 ! Well its in now and maybe
just what the Doctor ordered, but as always trying something new like the VM26 on this motor is a
bit trial & error.

Compressed air through the choke system

Daylight through the pilot

The older mechanics carb essential tool! yes, it’s a 100

A quick reversal of the process and it will then be time for oils and autosol!  Might give the fins a
little “Harley” treatment . All went as planned and the decompressor leakage removed from the fins.
Seriously low on the Solvol Autosol so a rush order is now on its way. Every time I look at the bike I
wonder where weight could be saved but other than rebuilding a frame in unobtanium it is difficult
to see where savings could be made. The engine and gearbox weigh 120 lbs then add frame, forks
rear shocks and wheels and I’m up to 280. Still it is now 30 lbs lighter than when it left the factory
back in 1960.

Frame plate undone and the carb can be refitted

The last of the Solvol at work

Does a nice job on all alloy and the copper oil pipes

Every last drop squeezed out


As clean as it gets

Polishing done and the autosol tube squeezed for every last drop. No sooner finished when Fed-Ex
arrives with 3 more tubes which had been shipped priority overnight from texas…. now that’s service!


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  • 4/14/2010 12:32 PM Doug wrote:
    Nice to see the “Oilfield” in use Tony. The big pre-unit bikes extract a little more effort out of you in some sections but can be rewarding at times too. Sure brings a “presence” to a vintage event too. Keep the Solvol stocked up! Looks great.
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  • 4/17/2010 1:34 PM Glenn Swanson wrote:
    Tony , Get her out and get her dirty ! Still one of the coolest trials bikes I ever swung a leg over !Gonna take the Fantics to NC. tomorrow and check out another new spot for events … May head out west this fall for some play time . Will be in touch if it happens .
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  • 12/2/2010 3:39 AM philippe wrote:
    Ever tought of fitting a side car???I really love your Enfield , I’ll really have to change my front fork and maybe one day do something about the frame, and yes it is an indian RE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ww76C0GruM
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