Our 1st Escalante 2 day Trial (2013)  …. all lined up for the parade

After yesterday’s rainfall a bit cooler this morning but the forecast says a nice 80F and not much wind so fingers crossed.

Champers Time under the big fir at Carol’s

First stop is at Carol’s down on 9th Street for some early morning champagne as the parade goes by. Carol is bright and bubbly and seems to be recovering very well from breaking her hip. Even, George makes it out to watch and is also looking a lot better now they have changed a lot of his medications.

Here come the mountain bike racers on their multi distance runs based on ability, desire and age. With them on their way for  the next few hours popular local Sheriff, Steve Nolan, leads the parade in the other direction.

With the parade over time to move to our next liquor hideaway down at the Brewpub. Some more champers and then onto my drink combos of the day

Beer for fun, the red thing for hydration ….. hey don’t knock it, it’s working!

Lunchtime, and time for the Chainsaw Competition, and as you could predict Bill Ragland at 84 years old wins AGAIN in another record time.

The “Master” wins again!

A really nice afternoon bumping into lots of old friends including Travis who used to own the Hollywood before selling out to what is now the Montezuma. Travis now has a 200 acre ranch over at Summit and a 5 year contract working on Oprah Winfrey’s new resort home at Mountain Village, Telluride!!!

More drinking and talking back at the Brewery and after a  visit to the craft fair back there again for lunch.

Another “must have” Mushroom

Lizard or Salamander ?

Couldn’t resist the honey and it’s cute pot

A few more beers and a “4 Cheese” completes the day


…….. and what a lovely day it was!



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